2 deck 4 Tray Electric Oven For Baking – Pizza,Bread, Biscuit/Cookies

Phase 1-3 Phase
Deck 2 deck 4 trays 400×600 mm
Dimension 1260*850*1240mm
Power 12.6 kW/H
Voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Temperature Up to 300 degrees C
Power Source ELECTRIC
Inside Material Aluminum Plated
Weight 188 Kg
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Product Description

ED-24 CE Approved 2 Deck 4 Tray Digital Control S/Steel Electric Oven

Experience the next level of baking precision with the ED-24 CE Approved 2 Deck 4 Tray Digital Control S/Steel Electric Oven. This exceptional oven is designed to elevate your culinary creations with its cutting-edge features and sleek stainless-steel construction.

With two decks and four trays, the ED-24 allows you to bake multiple batches simultaneously, saving time and ensuring consistent results every time. The intuitive digital control panel puts you in charge, allowing you to set precise temperatures and timers for perfect bakes.

Built to withstand the demands of professional kitchens, the stainless-steel exterior ensures durability and easy maintenance, while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Rest assured of its safety, as the ED-24 is CE approved, meeting rigorous international standards.

Whether you’re a home baker or a seasoned chef, the ED-24 opens up a world of possibilities to experiment and perfect your baking skills. Upgrade your baking game and achieve culinary excellence with the ED-24 CE Approved 2 Deck 4 Tray Digital Control S/Steel Electric Oven.

How is a deck oven different from a regular oven?

A deck oven and a regular oven differ significantly in their design and functionality. A regular oven, also known as a conventional oven, is the common household appliance used for general cooking and baking purposes. It typically has one enclosed chamber where heat is generated from the bottom or top, ensuring even cooking.

On the other hand, a deck oven is a specialized commercial baking appliance commonly used in professional bakeries and pizzerias. It features multiple separate baking chambers, called “decks,” stacked on top of each other. Each deck has its own heating element, allowing bakers to bake different items simultaneously at various temperatures without flavors mixing.

The deck oven’s stone or ceramic baking surface retains and evenly distributes heat, creating a crispier crust for bread and pizza. Unlike regular ovens, deck ovens provide consistent, radiant heat from the bottom, mimicking traditional brick oven baking methods. This unique design makes deck ovens preferred for producing high-quality, artisanal baked goods with superior texture and flavor.

What are the advantages of deck oven?

Deck ovens offer several advantages that make them a popular choice among professional bakers and pizzerias:

Even Heat Distribution: Each deck in a deck oven has its own heating element, ensuring even and consistent heat distribution across the baking surface. This results in uniformly baked products without hotspots.

Precise Temperature Control: Deck ovens come with precise temperature controls, allowing bakers to set specific temperatures for each deck. This level of control is crucial for achieving the perfect texture and crust for various baked goods.

Retains Moisture: The stone or ceramic deck in a deck oven retains moisture, creating a crisp and golden crust while keeping the interior of bread and pizzas soft and moist.

Multiple Deck Options: With multiple decks stacked on top of each other, bakers can bake different products simultaneously at different temperatures, increasing production efficiency.

Artisanal Baking: Deck ovens replicate traditional brick oven baking, making them ideal for artisanal, handcrafted bread, pastries, and pizzas with exceptional texture and flavor.

Durability and Reliability: Built for commercial use, deck ovens are durable and can withstand the demands of high-volume baking operations.

Versatility: Deck ovens can handle a wide range of baked goods, from bread and pastries to pizzas and more, making them versatile additions to any bakery or kitchen.

How to choose a deck oven?

When choosing a deck oven, consider the following factors to ensure you get the best fit for your baking needs:

Baking Capacity: Determine the volume of baked goods you need to produce daily. Choose a deck oven with enough decks and baking space to accommodate your desired output.

Deck Size and Quantity: Consider the size of the baking decks; larger decks allow for bigger items like pizzas. Multiple decks enable simultaneous baking of different products.

Temperature Control: Look for a deck oven with precise temperature control to achieve the desired results for various recipes.

Heating Technology: Opt for electric or gas-powered deck ovens based on your kitchen’s energy supply and efficiency preferences.

Construction and Durability: Choose a deck oven with a sturdy stainless-steel construction that can withstand heavy use and high temperatures.

Energy Efficiency: Look for energy-efficient models to reduce operating costs over time.

Brand Reputation: Research reputable brands known for manufacturing high-quality deck ovens with positive customer reviews.

Service and Support: Check for warranties and availability of service and support from the manufacturer or supplier.

Budget: Consider your budget and select a deck oven that offers the best features within your price range.

Why Choose Us

Unmatched Expertise: We boast years of experience and expertise in the baking industry. Our team of skilled professionals is passionate about baking and dedicated to delivering exceptional products.

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Specification/Additional Details

  • Pizza,Bread/Bun,Biscuit/Cookies
  • Automatic
  • Electric
  • Double
  • Bakery
  • 100 kg

Types of deck Oven-

2 Deck 4 Tray Electric Oven: A deck oven with two baking chambers and a capacity of four trays, powered by electricity.

1 Deck 2 Tray Gas Oven: A deck oven with a single baking chamber and a capacity of two trays, powered by gas.

2 Deck 4 Tray Gas Oven: A deck oven with two baking chambers and a capacity of four trays, powered by gas.

1 Deck 2 Tray Electric Oven: A deck oven with a single baking chamber and a capacity of two trays, powered by electricity.

Double Deck Oven: An oven with two baking chambers stacked vertically, typically used for increased baking capacity.

1 Deck 3 Tray Gas Deck Oven: A deck oven with a single baking chamber and a capacity of three trays, powered by gas.

3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven: A deck oven with three baking chambers and a capacity of six trays, powered by gas.

Automatic Single Deck Gas Baking Oven: A deck oven with one baking chamber, powered by gas, and equipped with automatic baking features.

Brick Pizza Oven: A specialized deck oven, often constructed with bricks, designed specifically for baking pizzas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What makes your baked goods stand out from others?

Our baked goods are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients. We prioritize quality, taste, and texture to deliver products that consistently surpass expectations.

  1. Are your baked goods suitable for dietary restrictions?

Yes, we offer a range of options to accommodate various dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free alternatives. Please inquire about specific products for more information.

  1. How do you ensure food safety and hygiene?

We strictly adhere to food safety and hygiene standards set by regulatory authorities. Our kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and regularly undergoes rigorous sanitation procedures.

  1. Can I place a custom order for a special event or celebration?

Absolutely! We love creating personalized baked goods for special occasions. Contact us in advance, and our team will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

  1. Do you offer delivery services?

Yes, we provide reliable and efficient delivery services to ensure your baked goods reach you fresh and on time. Delivery options and charges may vary depending on your location.

  1. How should I store your baked goods?

To maintain freshness, we recommend storing our baked goods in airtight containers at room temperature or as directed on the packaging. Refrigeration may be necessary for certain products.

  1. Can I pre-order for bulk quantities?

Certainly! We welcome pre-orders for bulk quantities, whether for corporate events, parties, or other gatherings. Please place your order in advance to secure availability.

  1. How can I provide feedback or share my experience?

Your feedback is valuable to us. You can share your experience and suggestions through our website or by contacting our customer support team. We are always eager to hear from you!