Soya Milk plant fully Automatic 100 lph

Capacity – 100 ltr/hr
Material – Stainless Steel 304
Voltage – 240 V
Frequency – 50 HZ
Machine Type – Semi-Automatic
Country of origin – Made in India
Power source – Electric


Product Description

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What Is Soya Milk And Soya Paneer?

Soya Milk has a high protein that is the most cost-effective and affordable consumable item. Soya milk, unlike most other protein foods, is cholesterol-free and low in fat. It’s also suitable for people on a diet because it’s minimal in calories. It’s an excellent diet for kids, seniors, and pregnant women since it’s high in vegetable protein, which is healthy and easy to digest.

Tofu is the colloquial name for soya paneer. Soya paneer comes from soya milk, unlike regular paneer, which is a dairy product.

The wonderful thing about soya paneer, sometimes known as tofu, is that it is entirely vegan. Furthermore, for individuals looking to lose a few pounds and reduce their calorie and carb intake, soya paneer is the way to go. All health-conscious people would like soya paneer. It’s high in iron, manganese, copper, selenium, phosphorus, and magnesium, among other nutrients.

Feature of soya Bean

  1. Best Quality Protein
  2. Minimum fat
  3. Vitamins
  4. Fiber
  5. Calcium
  6. Manganese
  7. Amino Acid
  8. other Minerals

Soybean Health Benefit

  1. Improve Muscles health
  2. Improve immune system
  3. Boost heart health (cholesterol-free)
  4. Help in weight loss
  5. Excellent diet for infants
  6. Controls Diabetes
  7. Reduces the risk of cancer
  8. Strengthens the bones

Processed soybean – Products

  1. Soya milk
  2. Soya paneer
  3. Soy – Curd
  4. Soy – Lassi
  5. Soy – Ice Cream
  6. Soy – Biscuit
  7. Soy – Bread
  8. Soy – Muffins
  9. Soy – Nuts

Requirement for soya plant

  1. Should have a minimum area of 500 sqft – 600 sqft
  2. Electricity 2 kW – 3kw single phase
  3. Drinkable water
  4. Drainage facility

Raw material for soya plant

  1. Soyabean
  2. Vinegar
  3. Mix masala for soya masala paneer
  4. Printed packaging paper

License required for soya plant

  1. FSSAI license
  2. Trade license
  3. MSME license
  4. GST Number ( if required)

Soya milk plant 100 LPH ( liters per hour ) (Auto Transfer)

    1. SS Soya Bean Grinder & Milk Separator
    2. SS Soya milk cooler
    3. SS soya milk Boiling equipment
    4. Manual paneer press with ss Tank 70 ltrs
    5. Milk pump & pipeline
    6. Vacuum packaging machine
    7. Sealing machine
    8. Installation and training
    9. Stainless steel tank

Production for 1 kg from soya bean – 7.5 ltr of soya milk 

1 kg of soya bean = RS 60/ kg
Production cost – RS 15
Total investment amount for 1 kg of soya bean =75 rs

If we have 1 kg of soya bean,  we get 1.5 kg tofu/ 7.5 ltr milk / 10-liter lassi/ 6 kg curd.

In 75 RS = 1.5 kg Tofu
1 kg Soya tofu(panner) = RS 50
1 Ltr soya milk = RS 10
1 KG curd = RS 12.5
1 liter soya lassi = RS 7.50

wholesale rate of 01 kg Tofu  is  = RS 120
The retailer rate of soya tofu is = RS 180 to 200 RS

Profit margin 01 kg of soya tofu (paneer) = RS 50 (Average)

Soybean Products  – Marketing & Sales

Available Market –
1. Hotel / Restaurant
2. Online food industry
3. Hospital canteen
4. Gym
5. Sports Training Centers