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Multifunctional Cookie Making Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 2 KW
Panel Automatic & Touch
Capacity 100 To 150 Kg Per HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Tray Size 16/24 Inch in MM 400/600

What are Multifunctional Cookie Making Machine used for?

We use this multi-function cookie-making machine inside the bakery. It is called a multifunction cookie making machine. It means that with it you can make different types of cookies. You can make 10 to 15 types of cookies that are long, wide, and round. In the types of shapes. We can make cookies using different types of droppers. There are nozzles inside it. It comes in 6 nozzles, 7 nozzles and 5 nozzles. Most of the quantity of this machine is 100 to 200 kg per hour or It is a fully automatic machine. There is a CNC base motor installed inside this machine. You can increase your production well through this machine and inside it we have also given a wire cutter system because there are two types of cookie made through the nose of a wire cutter, hence we call it a multi-function cookie dipping machine.

Repairing and Installation of Multifunctional Cookie Making Machine.

Repairing: Is it difficult to repair this machine No, repairing this machine is not difficult at all, only repairing this machine is very easy, we have made this machine through very easy technology, we have included inside it A motor and screen are provided, the C.H.c motor which runs by touching the screen, that motor and the screen is joint with the software of the fully automatic panel. Through that, you can see that we have used maximum technology in it only and only on normal technology so that if any fault occurs then the machine can be easily repaired. The first thing is that the motor inside it should send the CHC and the software. The second thing is that we have installed a motor inside it which rotates the conveyor belt, it is a non-motor with a channel motor which moves according to time and if you feel any problem in it, then you can call our guy, he will come to your place and provide service in 1 day if you are at a distance of 200 kilometers and if it is at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometers and in India. If you are outside then he will give you service within 2 to 4 days and if you are outside the Indian border then he will teach you how to repair this machine via online video call tax support if Any part of yours is damaged which is not available with you and in your machine warranty, we will also send you the parts for free and will also help you on a video call in installing the part and will repair your machine and give it to you.

Installation: It is very easy to install this machine. To install it, you have to connect the wire of this machine to the electricity and then place this machine on the ground in a completely flat place. You have to start the machine and when you restart it, the light will light up in the panel and there will be an on/off button. After turning it on, you will go to the touch panel inside it. Biscuit designs will be visible, you can select the design of the biscuit and set its timer and if the machine does not stop then you can also stop the machine in an emergency by pressing the emergency button and to start it you will be given the option to switch it on. You have to put the material which will come in your trays in the form of biscuits. You have to set the trays on the conveyor belt. When the train is filled in the conveyor belt, then you have to put another train behind it and pick up the goods of the next train and put it in the oven. put it inside.

Why Choose Us?

We would like to tell you that the biggest reason for you to choose Cookie Making Machine is that if you use your labour cost manpower then the cost of power remains from ₹ 3000 to ₹ 30000 per month and the cost of running this machine is Rs. The expenditure ranges from 4000 to 5000 rupees per month and the machine that works for 10 men in a day can do the work equal to that of 10 men in a day. The finishing is much better than that done by human hands and it makes everything perfect, with this you can increase your production, reduce your labour cost and other costs, and make your goods more marketable. You can earn good profit by saving more than 100% and you can reduce your manufacturing cost by reducing your margin.

(FAQs) of Multifunctional Cookie Making Machine

  • The Multifunctional Cookie Making Machine is designed for bakeries to create a variety of cookie shapes, including long, wide, round, flowers, animals, and more. It comes with different droppers and nozzles, allowing the production of 10 to 15 types of cookies.
  • This machine can produce 100 to 200 kg of cookies per hour, providing an efficient solution for high-volume cookie production.
  • Installation is straightforward. Connect the machine to electricity, place it on a flat surface, and start the machine using the on/off button on the touch panel. Select the desired biscuit design, set the timer, and the machine is ready for operation.
  • Choosing this machine significantly reduces labor costs, as it can perform the work of 10 individuals in a day. The running cost of the machine is relatively low, making it a cost-effective solution for bakeries.
  • Yes, the machine increases production levels while reducing labor and other associated costs. Businesses can earn higher profits by saving more than 100% on labor costs and decreasing manufacturing expenses.
  • The machine's ability to produce a variety of perfectly shaped cookies improves the marketability of baked goods. Consistent quality and increased production capacity allow businesses to meet market demands effectively.
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