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Twin Depositor

Material SS 304 Grade
Capacity 1000 To 12000 PCS HR
Panel Automatic
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Load 2.5 KW
Motor CNC
Warranty 1 Year

Best Twin Depositor in India.

We also call it the Twins Depositor Machine. This machine is used to make cookies and biscuits. Often you must have seen that because a machine comes in which there are 6 nozzles and one tray keeps moving. But this duplicate of the same is a Depositor machine which runs two trays simultaneously, inside it you can double the quantity as compared to the single machine and also you can put wire cut cookies and Biscuits can also be made. You can put two trains together inside it and the nozzles inside it range from 6 to 14 nozzles. You can make biscuits of different designs inside it, such as flowers. You can make biscuits in the design of a teddy bear or you can make biscuits in the design of someone’s shape. It depends on what kind of design you want to put in it. If you want, you can put any kind of design in it. Its tray size is 16 x 24 and it comes with a fully automatic touch panel. The life of this machine is 10 to 15 years. There are four ways in which it is used to make cookies it is used in big bakeries and it also comes in smaller sizes which are used in small bakeries, with this you can reduce the multi-purpose. There is a hopper fitted inside it at the top in which you have to put a drop and take out the biscuit material and the tray automatically moves forward. When your tray is filled with biscuits and cookies, you put it in the oven and put your biscuits in this cookie.

How to Repairing and Installation of Twin Depositor.

Repairing: Repairing this machine can be a little difficult because the machine is software-based and made with a CNC base motor, if you face any problem with this machine then you can call us for minor technical support and If there is a major fault then you call us, we will send our team to you, if you are within a distance of 100 to 200 kilometers, you will get the team within one to two days and if you are within 1000 to 2000 km. If it is within a kilometer distance, then you will get the service within five working days and if you are not an Indian customer, you are a foreign customer, then to give you service, we will give you service on our video call tax support. Friend, if any part of your machine gets damaged. If it is missing, we will send that part to you for free during the warranty period and will also explain to you the method of installing it in the video call after that, you will get your machine running and you will have it with the machine to enjoy the machine.

Installation: It is very easy to console this machine, as we told you that all the machines first need a level. The level of the ground should be completely flat and straight. There should not be any high or low levels. After that, you will connect this machine to the electricity. On the upper side of it, you will put your biscuit or cookie-making material inside it and after putting it, you will place your tray on its conveyor size should be 16 x 24 inches, after pressing the on button, you will choose it according to your design and after that you will press the button of your phone in it and press start and the machine will start running and when When one of your trays is filled, you will place another tray behind it and take the filled tray to the oven to roast your goods. It is so easy to operate, and the installation is also much easier, thank you.

Why Choose Us?

The specialty of this machine is that it does your work at a very high speed and the salary of a cookie-making artisan ranges from Rs 30,000 to ₹ 40,000 per month. The cost of running this machine for 1 month ranges from Rs 500. also, it can do 10 times more work in a day than an artisan and can take your production to a very good level. We have often seen this in all the bakeries and factories. People are very much troubled due to the slow speed of their artisans due to which they give a lot of their love to the customer and somewhere the production level of their work goes down. If you install this machine then you can improve your production. You can increase your level and at the same time you can earn good money from your market because in this you can save both your labor cost and time and in today’s time by saving time and money doing production means that you will get success in the future and be able to stand yourself in good competition in the market.

(FAQs) of Twin Depositor

  • The Twin Depositor Machine is also known as a Twin Depositor Machine, designed for making cookies and biscuits. It stands out by allowing the simultaneous operation of two trays, doubling the production quantity compared to single machines. The machine supports a range of nozzle designs, enabling the creation of various biscuit shapes.
  • This machine operates with a fully automatic touch panel and features 7 to 14 nozzles for creating different biscuit designs. Users can produce biscuits in the shape of flowers, teddy bears, or custom designs based on their preferences. The tray size is 16 by 24 inches.
  • The machine is versatile, available in various sizes to accommodate both large and small-scale bakeries. It is designed for efficiency, allowing for multi-purpose use and the production of wire-cut cookies and biscuits.
  • Installation is straightforward. The machine needs to be placed on a leveled surface. After connecting it to electricity, users fill the hopper with the biscuit-making material. The tray, sized 16 by 24 inches, is placed on the conveyor. By choosing the design, pressing the start button, and placing the filled tray in the oven, users can efficiently operate the machine.
  • The machine operates at high speed, offering a significant increase in production compared to manual labor. It can perform ten times more work in a day than a skilled artisan, reducing labor costs and time consumption.
  • Yes, the machine is versatile and can handle various cookie and biscuit materials. Users can experiment with different recipes and shapes based on customer preferences.
  • The machine's efficiency allows for increased production without the need for additional skilled labor. This significantly reduces labor costs and, in turn, increases profitability for bakeries.
  • The machine's unique feature of operating 2 trays simultaneously, coupled with its versatility in design options, distinguishes it from other cookie and biscuit-making machines. Its long lifespan and support for both large and small-scale bakeries make it a preferred choice in the market.
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