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Atta Mixer Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 3 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 300 KG PR HR
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Motor 3 HP

What are Atta Mixer Machine used for?

Atta Mixer Machine, we know it by two names. The first name is Atta Mixer Machine and the second is Floor Mixer Machine. We use it for mixing large quantities of flour like 50 kg, 100 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, and 10 kg. We do this because often we have seen people in big bakeries and factories putting three or four things together to mix the flour and that too cleanly. Due to the inability to mix water, we have launched this machine in the market and the biggest feature of it is that after pouring water, you have to turn it on, it does all the work automatically. It does not even have to be done and it gives quality to the flour in a hygienic manner, that is, it mixes it, and if you see that in many places in the factory, we see that people are walking around with feet up to them. If you want a hygienic way to mix flour at your place, then you should use this machine in your eyes. This machine is best used for high capacity and mixing maximum quantities, with this you can reduce your mixing power and increase the speed of work.

Repairing and Installation of Atta Mixer Machine.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine, it has been made very easily with technical methods, inside it, we have used belts and wheels as well as bearings if ever there is any fault in this machine. When it comes, an outer box is given behind it. If you open the counter box, you will see the fault. If any part is faulty then you should repair it properly. If the thread is running then tighten it properly or even after that if the machine does not fit you then you can call us and tell us, and we will send our man to you who will give you service. If you are within 100 to 200 kilometres then your Service will be available in 1 to 2 days and if you are at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometres then we will take 7 days to provide you service. If you are outside the Indian border then we will call you on video call. We will take 7 days to provide you with service. If you are outside the Indian border, we will provide you with technical support on video call. Also, if any parts are not available with you, then if your machine is in the warranty period, we will provide you with

Will also explain to him the method of installing the parts on video call so that he can fix the machine and enjoy it again.

Installation: It is very simple to install this machine. First of all, you have to see a flat ground to place this machine. Flat means the ground should not be high or low. Set the eco machine on the ground at that place. After setting up, connect the wire of this machine to the electric wire. A panel is given in this which it will be written which button will do what works before you turn on the button. You have to put more water inside it, after that turn on the button and when your flour gets mixed properly, then when your floor becomes max, turn off the machine and after closing, take out the stuff from it.

Why Choose Us?

Then we have a simple way to tell you that if anyone comes for a visit then you can mix it at our place. They hire a hand who will mix the flour and the salary for mixing is at least 15,000 to ₹ 20,000 per month and even after that he will not be able to do the work cleanly. This machine can do the same work in two days. This machine will complete the work at an expense of ₹ 3000 per month and if 10 people work together, this machine does the work equal to 10 people in a day. Mind you, one man makes 100 kg flour max  in a day. This machine does the same work in a day. It can flour 1000 kg of wheat, so you can understand how much benefit you are going to get from this machine and also you can save your labor cost and sell your goods in the market. You can send on rates and sell the goods in as many markets as possible so that your goods are sold as much as possible.

(FAQs) of Atta Mixer Machine

  • The Atta Mixer Machine, also called the Floor Mixer Machine, is used for efficiently mixing large quantities of flour, ranging from 10 kg to 100 kg. It provides a hygienic and automatic way to mix flour and water, eliminating the need for manual labor.
  • The machine automates the flour-mixing process, ensuring a hygienic environment by eliminating manual handling. It's a clean and efficient way to mix flour and water, avoiding contamination.
  • The Atta Mixer Machine is designed for high capacity, allowing the mixing of large quantities of flour. It significantly reduces the need for manual effort, thereby increasing work speed.
  • Installing the Atta Mixer Machine is simple. Place it on a flat surface, connect it to electricity, and use the provided panel buttons to control the mixing process. After mixing is complete, turn off the machine and remove the mixed flour.
  • The Atta Mixer Machine eliminates the need for manual labor in the flour-mixing process. With a low monthly expense of ₹3000, it can do the work equal to 10 people in a day, providing significant labor cost savings.
  • Choosing the Atta Mixer Machine over manual labor allows businesses to reduce labor costs while increasing efficiency. It provides an economical and efficient solution for large-scale flour mixing.
  • The Atta Mixer Machine is designed for high production volumes, capable of mixing up to 1000 kg of wheat flour in a day. This capability enables businesses to scale up their production significantly.
  • The Atta Mixer Machine ensures consistent mixing, contributing to the quality of the final product. With labor cost savings and increased efficiency, businesses can offer competitive prices and expand their market reach.
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