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Bread Slicer

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 0.25 KW
Panel ON/OFF
Capacity 1000 To 1500 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Balde Stainless Steel 304

What are Bread Slicer used for?

Bread Slicer machine to make our bread. To make our bread, we knead it and put it inside its mode. It takes the shape of a square. After taking it, when it gets cooked, we take it out from inside the oven and after taking it out, we keep it outside in a tray which is a slicer machine in which we cut bread. We slice it and put it inside it. What it does is that it divides the pieces of bread into slices and gives it the shape of bread. A bread slicer is used for cutting bread with your hands. It means thin and thick and when cut with it, the size of the bread comes out to be equal. Cutting bread with a machine means that a person can cut 10 breads in 1 hour, this machine can cut a thousand breads in 1 hour.

Repairing and Installation for Bread Slicer.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine and it is a machine made of very high technology. We have installed a motor at the bottom of this machine and a lamp for its bled has been installed at the top which helps in moving the bled up and down and if you see, there is never any fault inside this machine. Even if there is any fault in it, then you can replace its pulley. You can open it and put gris in it and at the same time, you can remove the belt from the bled given above it and check the edge of the bled if the edge is bad then you can correct it and put it on even after that if you are unable to repair the machine then you can call us and let us know. If you are within 100 to 200 kilometres, we will send our man to you for free, and if you are within 1000 to 2000 kilometres. If it is at a distance of 1000 metres then we will charge for sending our men to you and also it will take time of one week and if you are buying this machine from a foreign country other than from and after going there then there will be no problem in using this machine. If you receive a video call on tax support, we will teach you how to repair this machine. Even after this, if you have any damaged parts that are not available, we will send you the same for free under warranty during the warranty period. will give.

Installation: Installation of this machine is very easy. First of all, you will need a flat place on the ground where this machine has to be made to stand according to the balance, after that the wire of this machine has to be connected to the electricity. And after connecting, you will see that there are two buttons inside it, one-off to turn on this machine, and one to turn off this machine while starting when you start this machine. At the back, you will start the machine by putting bread in it and when the bed comes out after cutting and when your work is done, you will stop this machine and park it. There will not be any problem with the installation of this machine, it is very simple. And even after this, if you are not able to install it, you can get tax support by making a video call.

Why should you choose this machine?

The first reason for choosing this machine is that you must have seen that the slices of bread which are cut by hand are not of equal size. With this, you can cut the slicer of your bread of equal size. Secondly, You will see that the artisan takes 10,000 to 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per month and this machine runs at a cost of only 2000 rupees per month and he gives it back by increasing it 100 times more. You can increase the production level and can also send more and more goods to the market and earn profit. Apart from your manufacturing costs, you can include the cost of power to run this machine. You need a very small electricity connection, you can run it even on a home electricity connection and the biggest thing if you see, you can recover the full cost of this machine within 1 year.

(FAQs) of Bread Slicer

  • The Bread Slicer Machine is used to cut bread into uniform slices quickly and efficiently. It ensures equal-sized slices, providing a consistent product for consumers.
  • While manual slicing may result in uneven sizes, the Bread Slicer Machine produces slices of equal dimensions. It significantly increases efficiency, as the machine can cut a thousand bread slices in an hour compared to 10 slices by hand.
  • Repairing the Bread Slicer Machine is straightforward. In case of any faults, you can check and replace the pulley, examine the condition of the blade, and adjust or replace it if necessary. If repairs are challenging, you can contact the service team. Local service is provided within 100 to 200 kilometers for free and within 1000 to 2000 kilometers with charges. For international customers, video call tax support is available, and free spare parts are sent during the warranty period.
  • Installing the Bread Slicer Machine is simple. Place it on a flat surface, connect the machine to electricity, and use the on/off buttons to operate it. The machine is user-friendly, and if any issues arise during installation, video call tax support is available.
  • The machine's efficiency allows for higher production levels, enabling businesses to meet market demands effectively. It can cut a considerable number of bread slices in a short period, improving overall productivity.
  • Yes, the Bread Slicer Machine can be operated on a home electricity connection, making it suitable for various settings, including small-scale bakeries.
  • The Bread Slicer Machine is designed to cut bread into slices of equal size. This ensures consistency in the product, providing a more professional and marketable appearance.
  • The Bread Slicer Machine offers precision and speed compared to manual slicing. It not only produces equal-sized slices but also increases production capacity, making it a valuable asset for bakeries.
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