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High Speed Bread Slicer

Material SS 304 Grade
Motor 1 HP
Capacity 10000  To 20000 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V / 220 V
Panel Automatic
Load 0.5 KW

Slice Bread Effortlessly with Our High Speed Bread Slicer.

High Speed Bread Slicer Machine: This machine is used in big bakeries. You must have seen that big brands like Britannia and Toast Plates come in the same size. They use this machine to silence their bread. It is cut because when the bread is cooked inside the oven, it is completely proofed and after that, it is taken out of the oven and put into the machine and cut, hence it is used. This is done so that the bread can be cut in one shape and it also comes in different sizes that it depends on you, how thin and how wide you want your bread to be, it is made accordingly and Most of the time you must have seen what some small bakery owners do that instead of using their machine, they cut the bread by hand, due to which some of their bread pieces remain small and some are thick. It is because of this that most people use this machine so that with it you can get your bread in good finishing and one size.

What Materials are used to Make High Speed Bread Slicer Machine?

The material of the High Speed Bread Slicer is completely stainless steel and the structure of this machine is made of iron. The blade placed inside it is made of blue steel which has a very sharp edge that helps in breaking the bread. It cuts very quickly and easily and the motor installed inside it is installed according to its size, like a small slicer has a 0.5 HP motor and a big slicer has a 1 HP motor A motor is installed and along with this, the entire wire inside it is made of copper and an on-off switch is provided inside its panel and some people also install a speed regulator inside it on their demand. Which we set and give as per the demand of the people.

What are the benefits of High Speed Bread Slicer?

The biggest benefit of this machine is that you must have seen that most of the people inside the Bakery cut the bread by hand through their artisans and through their labour, due to which the bread remains thick and thin and there is a risk of getting their hands injured. This happens and even after that, you will see that he has been able to cut only a few pieces of bread within an hour. You have to keep this machine safe from all those things. First of all, this machine will make your work 10 times more. And then secondly, it cuts each of your blades in the same size and thirdly, it is completely safe for hands and for doing it, and with this, your production level also increases quickly.

How to Repair and Install High Speed Bread Slicer in Easy Way.

Repairing of this High Speed Bread Slicer machine: Repairing of bread salasar. Repairing bread salasar is very easy. We have not used any high technology inside it. We have only installed a motor inside it, a belt, and a call wheel. Which is connected to the belt with the blade and after that another belt is connected to the motor. If you ever see that the machine is not working properly then you Check all the things thoroughly and if anything is wrong, you can call us and learn how to fix it on video call even after that, if you are not able to fix it and you are an Indian customer, then we will help you. If your distance is 100 to 200 kilometres then we will send you a person in 1 to 2 days and will repair the machine and if your distance is 1000 to 2000 kilometres then we will repair your machine. We will send our man inside within 7 days and if you are not an Indian customer, you are a foreign customer, then we will explain to you on video call how to fix it for your machine after that if you have any faulty parts. If it is done and you do not have it with you and your machine is in the warranty period, then we will send you the text for free and also get the parts installed and repair the machine over a video call. After doing this, we will leave you with the machine to run it and then you will enjoy this machine comfortably.

Installation, most of the machines require a flat ground which is absolutely flat and is not high or low because of that the balance of the machine remains perfect, and if the ground is high or low then the machine shakes while moving. After that, if you see that your land is absolutely fine and after keeping it in one place, you will connect this machine to the electric wire and after that turn it on. By pressing the button, you will put the bread in it from the back side and when the bread is put in it, it will move forward and when it comes out raw, you will pick it up.

Why Choose Us?

We tell you that you must have seen that in most of the bakeries, people work manually, in which even the size of the bread is not correct and at the same time, the hands of the program get injured. If you want to do your work at a faster pace and want to save your labor cost, then you can use this machine as we have seen in the example.An artisan’s salary is 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month and he can cut only 4 to 5000 pieces of bread in a day this machine can cut 30 to 35000 slices of bread in a day and also the cost of running this machine is very low. The expenses for the whole month are ₹ 2 to ₹ 3000. Also, with this machine you can increase your production level and can spread your goods in the market as quickly as possible and earn good profit.


  • The High Speed Bread Slicer Machine is designed to slice bread quickly and efficiently. It is commonly used in large bakeries, including well-known brands like Britannia and Toast Plates, to ensure uniform and precise slicing of bread loaves.
  •  The High Speed Bread Slicer Machine is made with high-quality materials. It features stainless steel for durability, and its structure is constructed with iron. The slicing blade is made of blue steel with a sharp edge for efficient bread cutting. The machine is powered by a motor, and all internal wires are made of copper.
  • The machine offers several advantages, including increased efficiency and safety. Unlike manual slicing, which can lead to uneven bread sizes and potential injuries, the High Speed Bread Slicer ensures consistent slicing and is safe for hands. It significantly boosts productivity, allowing for the quick and precise slicing of a large number of loaves.
  • Repairing the machine is straightforward, involving basic components like the motor, belt, and call wheel. Customers in India can receive prompt service, with a technician sent within 1 to 7 days, depending on the distance. International customers receive repair support via video call, and warranty-covered parts are sent for free.
  • The installation process is simple. Place the machine on a flat surface, connect it to the electric wire, and press the ON button. Load the bread from the back, and the machine will automatically slice it as it moves forward.
  • The machine leads to cost savings for bakeries by reducing labor costs associated with manual slicing. It can handle a large volume of bread, allowing bakeries to operate more efficiently and allocate labor resources to other tasks. The overall low operating cost adds to the financial benefits of using this machine.
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