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Cake Drop Cake Layering

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 2 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 200 KG PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Sri Brothers Enterprises

Cake Drop Cake Layering Machine Manufacturer in India.

Cake Drop Cake Layering machines and machines are such that you must have seen that to make small pancakes, you fill the pan with your hands, and with this machine, you can make pancakes. You may have noticed that the inside of the small ball is either 3 inches or 2 inches. 

What material do we use of completely Cake Drop Cake Layering?

Product Material Cake Drop Cake Clearing Machine To make this machine we have used a good type of steel whose grate is 304. 304-grade steel is often used for cooking utensils and also we have used CNC inside it. The motor is installed and a fully automatic touch base panel is provided. We have done full copper wiring inside it and also we have installed a Po belt conveyor system inside it.

What are the benefits of cake drop cake layering?

The benefits of the machine are that this machine is fully automatic and in making it we have used very good technology in which you do not need manpower. Often you must have been seen in big factories to make cakes. People fill the cake cups with their hands and then put them in the oven. The biggest feature of this machine is that you like the cake. It has to be installed which will automatically fill the cake cup and after filling it, it can be passed forward and at the same time, the work which you do in one day with the help of 10 artisans, the same machine alone can do the entire work in one day and give it to you. A machine can increase your production significantly and its capacity is 10 times more than that of an artisan.

How to repair and install a completely cake drop cake layering in a simple way.

Repairing: It is straightforward to repair this machine. We have made this machine through simple technology and inside this machine, we have installed a CNC motor and also have included an on-off switch and an emergency button. Off switch is also given and if you see, wiring of all switches and all motors is given separately. If any does not work then first of all check its wiring. Do it or even after that if you cannot get it right then you will call us and if your distance is between 100 to 200 kilometers then we will give you service in a day and if your distance is between 1000 to 2000 kilometers. But then we will provide service from you within 7 days and if you are not an Indian but a foreign customer, we will tell you on video call how to repair the machine and if your master If the machine is under warranty, then we will send you the parts of this machine for free, if any part gets damaged and after that, we will explain to you on video call how to install that part and how to repair the machine and often we will repair the machine. See, we provide a data sheet to the date time machine so that you can understand the mechanism of the machine and can easily repair it.

Installation: It is very easy to console this machine. To install this machine, you will need a flat and straight ground and after that, you will have to place this machine on it and after placing it there, connect its wire to the electricity supply. The board means you will have to connect it with a light electric current, after that, you will put it on your conveyor belt and put it inside this machine which is mentioned above in the cup. You will have to put the material and after putting it, you will have to turn on the machine and you can set its capacity and its speed according to you and after that when the entire tray is filled, you will have to pick up a tray and place another tray from behind. The hoagie conveyor will automatically move the agar tree forward and the nozzles will automatically fill the agar. This is all that is needed to install this machine and nothing else.

Why should you choose this machine?

There is a simple reason for you to choose Cake Drop Cake Layering Machines if you hire 10 artisans, you are a manufacturer and they prepare at least 10000 to 20000 worth of goods in a day. If you look at those artisans If you go and do all the work for a month, then you will save 2 to 3 lakh rupees. Brother, the machine gives you the work of 10 artisans alone and the running cost of this machine for the whole month is 2000 to 3000 rupees. Also, the finishing and pressing of the product are very good, which means you can calculate both the quality of your product and it will save you money and you can increase your production and get good rates in the market. But you can earn your expected profit by selling goods.


  • Cake Drop Cake Layering is a unique and creative method of assembling a cake by dropping layers onto each other instead of stacking them traditionally. This technique creates a visually stunning and rustic appearance.
  • Cake Drop Cake Layering involves baking individual cake layers and then dropping them onto the frosted base cake layer. The layers are strategically placed to create a cascading effect, resulting in a beautiful and textured cake.

  • Cake Drop Cake Layering works well with various cake flavors and textures. It is suitable for both traditional and non-traditional cakes, including sponge cakes, chocolate cakes, and even more intricate flavors like red velvet.
  • While no special tools are required, having a good-quality turntable, offset spatula, and a cake scraper can make the layering process easier. These tools help achieve a smooth and professional finish.
  • Yes, Cake Drop Cake Layering can be adapted for tiered cakes. By carefully layering and dropping each tier, you can create a stunning multi-tiered cake with a cascading effect.
  • Yes, you can refrigerate a Cake Drop Cake. However, it's advisable to bring it to room temperature before serving to enhance the flavors and textures.
  • Cake Drop Cakes can be assembled a day in advance, but for optimal freshness, it's recommended to assemble and serve on the same day.
  • Absolutely! Cake Drop Cake Layering allows for endless customization. You can play with different cake flavors, colors, and decorations to create a cake that suits your event or celebration perfectly.
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