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Combo Cake Injector

Material SS 304 Grade
Motor 0.5 HP & 0.5 HP CNC
Panel Automatic Touch
Heat System Electric or Gas
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Capacity 100 to 1500 Kg HR

What are Combo Cake Injector used for?

This is the Combo Cake Injector that is made for making cakes, this machine is used, see it is mostly used for making pancakes, is used to make chocolate cakes and cakes. This machine is available in different sizes like a bundle of 7 with 6 nozzles and this machine is fully automatic, its first touch is done with this machine. There are nozzles provided inside which fill the goods according to the weight. Its offer ranges from 25 to 50 kg in which you can fill the goods and leave them and on pressing the button, it automatically folds the cake pan and takes out the tray. We have given a convey system inside it which will move it forward. After placing the track on the conveyor belt, when we press the button, it fills the cake and moves forward on the track. The size of the track inside it is 16 X 24 inches and also this machine is made with a fully automatic CNC base motor and soft rice motor and the software we have put inside it is made by our company. If you do any tampering with its software, then we cannot take any guarantee because this machine runs according to its software, The CNC motor always runs with the software and its knowledge is different in different sizes of cakes. You can design it like you can make it in the flower shop, circle shape, round shape, and square shape and its capacity is 5000 cakes per hour. This machine is called a fully automatic cake-injected machine.

Repairing and Installations Combo Cake Injector.

Repairing: Repairing To repair this machine, we can service it by sending our man to your place and get it done. If you have purchased this machine within the Indian border, then we send our man to you. Will give you on-site service, if you are within 100 km or 200 km then we can give you service within 24 hours or if you are within 1000 to 2000 km, then we will take two to four days to service you and if you have purchased this machine outside the Indian border then we will help you to repair this machine through video call tax support and if this machine If any part gets damaged and the machine is under warranty then we will also send you spare parts for free. The warranty of this machine is 1 year and this machine, we have included most of the parts and software. It is made of technology and it does not require any major technology to repair this machine, it is a machine made of very simple technology.

Installation: It is very easy to install this machine. To install this machine, first of all, you need to have an electricity connection and after connecting the wire of this machine to electricity, you can start this machine. And to run this machine, you will need a very flat place of balance where this machine will have to be kept, after that, you will place the track inside this machine. You can place cake cups in it and after doing the start press of this machine, you will choose the design and press the press, then the machine will keep moving forward after filling your cake balls and the cake balls will keep increasing. While running this machine, you will have to You just have to fill your cost and your stuff in it in the right way and after using this machine, you have to clean its nose and leave this machine covered. You do not have to do anything to install this machine, it is just a plug-and-play machine and we also teach how to operate this machine over video call.

Why Choose Us?

Most shopkeepers and traders think why should we buy this Cake Injector Machine and what is the reason for us to buy this machine? I would like to explain to you directly that you have a very simple reason for buying this machine. If you are an artisan or If you employ a laborer to make cakes at your place then it will cost you Rs 40 to Rs 50000 per month and with difficulty, you will be able to make Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per day, if you use this machine. If you install it at your place, then this machine system can make 10000 to 15,000 cakes per day and also you pay ₹40000 to ₹ 50,000 to the artisan for the work, whereas you can incorporate this machine at 3000 to ₹ 4000 per month. Even an ordinary person is enough to run this machine and also if you see, the installation of this machine and everything has been given in a very simple and easy way, with this machine you can can reduce costs. You can save, you can increase your production level and you can increase your production level by reducing your competition in the market and you can sell your products at good prices and you can save your production cost well, that is why we tell you By choosing this machine, you will get a lot of benefits and even you can improve in everything you do.

(FAQs) of Combo Cake Injector

  • The Cake Velvet Machine is designed for making cakes, particularly mini cakes and chocolate cakes. It operates with fully automatic features and is equipped with nozzles for precise filling. It can produce cakes in various shapes and sizes.
  • The machine has a fully automatic system that fills the cake batter according to weight. With a touch interface, it operates by folding the cake pan, extracting the tray, and moving forward on a conveyor system. It allows for different cake designs and has a capacity of 5000 cakes per hour.
  • The machine comes in different sizes, typically in a bundle of 7 with 6 nozzles. It offers versatility in cake production, accommodating various sizes and designs.
  • Yes, the machine is versatile and can produce cakes in different shapes, including flower shapes, circle shapes, round shapes, and square shapes. It allows for creative and customized cake designs.
  • The installation is straightforward. Connect the machine to an electricity source, ensure a flat and balanced surface, place the track inside the machine, and start the process. The machine is designed for plug-and-play convenience.
  • By using the Cake Velvet Machine, businesses can save on labor costs and significantly increase production levels. It offers the ability to produce 10 to 15,000 cakes per day, surpassing the productivity of manual methods.
  • The machine is fully automatic, operates on a CNC base motor, and features a conveyor system. It has a user-friendly touch interface and is designed to handle different sizes and shapes of cakes.
  • The Cake Velvet Machine ensures consistent quality and finishing that may be challenging to achieve through manual methods. It provides a professional touch to cakes, making them more appealing to customers.
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