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Double Burner Diesel Bhatti

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 1 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 200 KG HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V

Powerful Double Burner Diesel Bhatti for Efficient Cooking.

Double Burner Diesel Bhatti This is the furnace which runs through diesel and it is a stove running at high temperature. Most people use it for making sweets and noodles or for work in which you have to cook food at high temperatures. Temperature is required, it runs on diesel, and there is a blower inside it. The thing is that there are two lids inside it, you can do your work by keeping two utensils at one time and at the same time, the biggest advantage of this is that the temperature of the work you do with gas remains slow and the temperature of diesel remains the same. The thing is that the work which takes 1 hour can be done within 10 minutes and also it is cheaper than gas. And with this diesel furnace, people also do the work of smelting many things, such as the work of smelting zinc or brass and it is of two types, one which is made through a stand and the other which is made on the ground. It is installed inside whose fan remains outside and the heating is inside the ground, hence we call it a diesel furnace. There are three types of diesel furnaces, single burner diesel furnaces, double burner diesel bhatti, and one-ground diesel furnaces.

What Materials are Used to Make Double Burner Diesel Bhatti?

The first material that is used to make a diesel furnace is iron. The material used for this machine is casting which is made by pouring iron into it and giving it the shape of a bundle. After that, its frame, its structure is completely made of iron and inside it, there is an air fan, which we also call a blower in our language and along with it, its wire is given to connect it to the electricity, and to keep the oil inside it, we use a steel or iron drum whose capacity is 30 to 40 liters, so it is completely made of iron. It is a ready-made Double Burner Diesel Bhatti machine. It contains 80% to 90% iron and 10% to 20% other material is used.

What are the benefits of Double Burner Diesel Bhatti?

Its benefits is that in the work you do on gas on low flame, you must have often seen that you get delayed in the work and there are many things which require high temperature to cook and that It is not able to pack properly. If you want to cook any of your things which get cooked at high temperature and the work gets done quickly, then you should use a diesel furnace for this because it does the work at a very high speed, its temperature is three times higher than gas and the cost is 30 percent compared to gas, hence diesel furnace is very beneficial for your work if you need a furnace or stove with high temperature. If there is a need, we will suggest you buy a diesel furnace.

How to Repair and Install Double Burner Diesel Bhatti in an Easy Way.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine, there is no technical thing given inside it, this machine is made in a completely normal way, you will have to look inside it if its description is not working, is there anything wrong in its pipe? Or if the fan is not working then check the fire of the fan and even after that if you are not able to fix it then call us, within 1 to 2 days we will send our technician and give you the service. Your distance is more than 100 km 200 km like 1000 to 2000 kilometers then you will get service within 7 days if you are not an Indian customer or you are a foreign customer then we will tell you on video call how to repair this machine and after that if you have any parts which got damaged. If you do not have those parts and your machine is under warranty, we will send you the parts for free and will show you how to install the parts on a video call and whenever Once your machine starts, you can start your work again.

Installation: To install this machine, you will need a flat, straight piece of land which should not be high or low so that the balance of its oil tank is not disturbed anywhere and at the same time the oil easily reaches its bundle and after that it The wire will have to be connected to the electricity and the button will have to be pressed and we have given a button near the diesel tank, it will have to be opened, the oil will reach its level and you will have to go through parking or you will have to press the button of this parking. It will happen and after that, its filming will start.

Why Choose Us?

You run the stove and what kind of system you use in it or work with a wood system and your work is getting delayed and you need a high-temperature machine, then we would suggest you buy a diesel furnace. Because its temperature is three times higher than that of gas and wood it works even faster, due to which you can save both your time and money because it is cheaper than gas.


  • A Double Burner Diesel Bhatti is a high-temperature furnace that runs on diesel. It is commonly used for cooking tasks that require high temperatures, such as making sweets and noodles. Additionally, it is utilized for smelting processes like zinc or brass.
  • This machine operates on diesel, with a blower or air fan inside. It has two lids, allowing the user to work with two utensils simultaneously. The temperature is significantly higher than gas, enabling faster cooking times. The furnace is made primarily of iron, including the frame and structure, with a steel or iron drum for holding the oil.
  • The primary material used is iron, specifically cast iron. The frame and structure are entirely made of iron. The machine also includes an air fan or blower, an electrical connection wire, and a steel or iron drum with a capacity of 30 to 40 liters. The overall composition is 80% to 90% iron and 10% to 20% other materials.
  • The Double Burner Diesel Bhatti offers several advantages, including high operating temperatures, faster cooking times (up to three times faster than gas), and lower costs (30% compared to gas). It is suitable for tasks that require quick, high-temperature cooking, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice.

  • If you need a high-temperature machine for time-sensitive cooking tasks, the Double Burner Diesel Bhatti is recommended. With its three times higher temperature compared to gas, it offers faster cooking times, saving both time and money due to its cost-effectiveness compared to gas.

  • The installation requires a flat and level surface to ensure the balance of the oil tank. Users must connect the machine to electricity, open the diesel tank valve, and press the start button. The oil reaches its level, and the user can start the machine by using the parking or start button.

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