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Double Deck Oven

Material SS 304 Grade
Heating System Electric or GAS
Capacity 100  To 200 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V / 220 V
Panel Automatic
Load 0.5 KW

Upgrade Your Bakery with a High-Quality Double Deck Oven.

A Double Deck Oven is an oven that is a cupboard-type van. We call it a double deck because there are two types of cupboards inside it and one cupboard you can keep one or two trays, depending on the size. It is used in making toast, making pizza base, making pizza burgers, making biscuits, for making small quantities of cookies It comes in two qualities, one which is electric and one which is gas. It depends on the customer what kind of function the customer wants. If he wants gas then we give him gas and if he wants electricity. If anyone wants, we can make it electric and the size of its track is 16 by 24 inches. It is completely made of stainless steel.

Information related to materials for making this double deck oven.

Material of the Double Deck Oven: Its material is fully stainless steel in 304 grade also copper wires are used inside it and a stone is placed inside it which can do the caking well and inside it on the back side which makes it There is a structure and iron are also used to make it. There is a fan installed inside it which is of a good brand and along with it, there are pipes and elements for the heating system inside it. A fan is installed which is of a good brand, along with the elements for pipes and heating system is provided inside it, which are of a very good brand and its material is fully branded, there is no third quality or We do not use third class material, our material is all genuine and the biggest feature of this Double Deck Oven is that the best thing is that an auto timer is also installed inside it which makes your work easier.

What are the benefits of Double Deck Oven?

Its benefit is that you must have seen that in small shops, people often use microwaves to make their pizza or burger, due to which the pizza does not become crispy. You know, this burger does not cook well. Inside it, you can cook a pizza or burger. If you can also, then it is very crisp and golden and at the same time you will see that the work which you do again and again in a small oven, you can do the best work inside it. You can do it as soon as possible like you can make one pizza at a time in a small oven, inside this you can learn how to make good pizza at a time and let us tell you that it also uses electricity as compared to the oven. and friends we have seen When people work in furnaces, they have to touch food items again and again, so the biggest thing you can find in this is that food can be prepared cleanly and it works in a very hygienic manner. You can also set a timer and when the cooking is done, an alarm will sound inside it to tell you that your food is cooked and after that, you can take out your food or give it to your customer as per your convenience. And if you are making it for yourself then you can enjoy it by eating it.

How to Repair and Install Double Deck Oven in Simple Way.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this Double Deck Oven. Inside it, we have given only one fan as well as a gas line and electric element and all the different wires are connected to its button, if your parts are not damaged. If it is not working, if it is damaged, then first check its wiring. Even after that, if it is not working, then you. If you are a customer of India, you have taken your mission from us, then we Within 100 to 200 kilometres we will provide you service in 1 to 2 days and if you are at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometres then we will provide you service in 6 to 7 days and or if you are not an Indian customer but our foreign customer then we will service you. Service of this machine will be given through video call and if any of your parts is damaged and the machine is under warranty, then we will send those parts to you by courier for free and will repair it for you. So that you can lift this machine again due to.

Installation: Installation of this machine is very easy, as we told you, we have given four wheels under this machine so that this machine can be moved anywhere also Let us tell you that to run this machine, we need a support ground surface which is absolutely straight and there we will keep this machine and connect its wire to the electricity and then It is very straight and we will keep this machine there and connect its wire to electricity and after that, we will see whether our machine is fully electric or gas if it is fully electric then we do not have to do anything and we will not use gas. If there is a system then we will have to connect its gas pipeline and after that, we will have to put our ingredients in a tray and after that, we will have to turn on the temperature meter and press the ‘On’ button. Also, we will have to set a timer and, pack our ingredients.

Why Choose Us?

Same Suck This Double Deck Oven This We tell you a simple way to choose this machine. We have seen that people often work on furnaces, so they need to touch what is said to be like food again and again, due to which the food gets eaten. The contents of the oven are not clean and hygienic and if you cook food inside this oven, you will have to put the food inside only once it is placed in the oven, after that set the temperature meter and measure it.If you have to pay then your feet will remain clean and hygienic and also only one person is enough to run the machine and it works well for a small shop with a good number of people like you can make two to four pizzas at a time. you can’t do that on a furnace.


  • A Double Deck Ovens is a cupboard-type oven featuring two separate compartments for baking. It is ideal for small batches and is commonly used for baking bread, toasting, pizza bases, burgers, biscuits, and cookies. The term "double deck" refers to the two compartments, each capable of holding one or two trays, depending on their size.
  • The Double Deck Ovens is crafted from high-quality materials. The exterior is made of stainless steel in 304 grade, ensuring durability. Copper wires are used internally, and a stone is placed inside for efficient baking. The structure includes iron components, and a top-notch fan, pipes, and heating elements contribute to its performance.
  • The Double Deck Ovens offers several advantages. It provides a crisp and golden finish to pizzas and burgers, surpassing the results achieved by conventional microwaves. It allows for efficient batch baking, saving time compared to smaller ovens. Additionally, it ensures a hygienic cooking environment and features an auto-timer for added convenience.
  • Yes, the Double Deck Oven is available in both electric and gas variants. Customers can choose based on their preferences and requirements. The electric option is convenient for those who prefer an electric setup, while the gas option provides an alternative for specific cooking needs.
  • The Double Deck Oven is versatile and can handle various food items such as pizza, burgers, biscuits, and cookies. The standard tray size is 16 by 24 inches, providing ample space for baking multiple items simultaneously.
  • The Double Deck Oven offers a clean and hygienic baking experience, eliminating the need to repeatedly touch food items. It enhances efficiency, allowing for simultaneous baking of multiple items, making it a preferred choice for small shops.
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