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Double Head Milk Vending Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 1 KW
Capacity 100 To 500 Liter Per HR
Volt 110 V / 220 V
Panel Automatic
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Sri Brothers Enterprises

Double Head Milk Vending Machine The Perfect Solution for Efficient and Profitable Milk Sales.

Double Head Milk Vending Machine This means that it is made in two heads, two portions are given inside it like two portions of 100 liters or one 150 and it comes in two types. There is one key cooling system and one without cooling system. Key cooling system is installed in most of the shops. Without a cooling system, most of the people set it on their rickshaws etc., for this we call it a double head milk vending machine. See more

What material do we use of completely double head milk vending machine?

To make this machine, the entire material we have used is stainless steel 304 grade. This is a special type of steel which is very soft and at the same time it is the steel which is used for making utensils or Then it is used for food machines, it is hygienic steel which is used in food and also we have installed a digital panel in it which counts the currency and takes out the material accordingly.

What are the benefits of double head milk vending machine?

The biggest benefit of the machine is that it does it on time and also dispenses the milk and sells it, that is, the milk comes out on its own. The customer can buy the milk as per his quantity. By paying only as much as he needs and in this, he does not have to do anything with your hands and in this, your power is saved, so this is its biggest benefit.

How to repair and install a completely Bulk milk chiller in a simple process.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine. If there is leakage from somewhere or the body is pressed from somewhere then you can do dating or welding and after that if there is any technical fault in it then you can repair its panel. Check it and even after that if you are not able to fix it then call us, we will send our man to you who will fix your machine. If your distance is 200 kilometers from there, we will reach you within a day. We will send a technician within 1000 to 2000 kilometers and if your distance is between 1000 to 2000 kilometers So we will send the technician to you within 2 to 4 days or 6 days and if you are a foreign customer and not an Indian, then we will make a video call to you and will tell you how to repair the machine and even after that if you are a foreign customer, If we are unable to fix any text that is faulty, we will send you the text for free if your machine is under warranty. And after that, we will tell you how to install that part on video call and when your machine starts after installing that part, then we will have given you complete service and even after that, if you want to know from us how to make the machine from the datasheet of this machine. If it has gone, we will provide its data sheet.

Installation: Installation of this machine is very easy. To install this machine, we will need a straight flat of ground and after that we will have to place it at its place and connect its wire to electricity and then inside it. Milk has to be filled. If it is with a cooling system then we have to turn on its compressor. If it is normal then we have to leave it empty after filling it with milk. Then after that the customer will take out the milk for himself by putting payment inside it as per his need.

Why should you buy this machine?

You have a simple and simple reason for buying this machine. If you want to buy this machine and after that if you fill it with milk and send it, then the entire system becomes fully automatic and hygienic in which you There is no need of any artisan nor any hard work, you can save your time also. And also you can make your shop a modern milk shop, you can make a modern dairy, in today’s time people use modern types of shops and food of modern times and hygienic food more because turning the milk by hand again and again. but milk becomes unhygienic. Read More


  • A Double Head Milk Vending Machine is a specialized vending device designed for dispensing fresh milk. It features two separate dispensing units, allowing users to access different varieties or quantities of milk from a single machine.
  • The machine operates by storing fresh milk in designated compartments. Users can make selections through a user-friendly interface, choosing the desired quantity or type of milk. The machine then dispenses the chosen milk into a container provided by the user.
  • Double Head Milk Vending Machines can be configured to dispense various types of milk, including whole milk, skimmed milk, and flavored options such as chocolate or vanilla. The specific offerings may vary based on the machine's configuration.
  • Yes, the milk dispensed by Double Head Milk Vending Machines is typically pasteurized to ensure safety and eliminate harmful bacteria. The pasteurization process involves heating the milk to a specific temperature and then rapidly cooling it.
  • Double Head Milk Vending Machines are designed with refrigeration systems to maintain the freshness and quality of the milk. The temperature is regulated to ensure that the milk stays within a safe and recommended range.

Yes, Double Head Milk Vending Machines are suitable for commercial use, and they can be placed in various settings such as grocery stores, farmers' markets, or even on farms. They offer a convenient way for consumers to access fresh milk directly.

  • Many Double Head Milk Vending Machines are equipped with modern payment systems, accepting a range of payment methods such as coins, bills, credit cards, and even contactless payments like mobile wallets.
  • The frequency of servicing or maintenance depends on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and the specific machine model. Generally, regular cleaning, refilling, and routine maintenance are recommended to ensure optimal performance.
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