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Dough Ball Cutting Machine

Material & Blade SS 304 Grade
Load 1 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 500 PCS HR
Fuel System Electric Or GAS
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V

What are Dough Ball Cutting machine used for?

Dough Ball Cutting Machine: This is the machine that prepares the dough and takes out the dough. We have mostly seen that people need artisans to make the dough and they break it again and again and make it round by hand. This machine does the same work and keeps it in one place, but it can do the same amount of work that 10 men do in a day, only a single machine can do it. You can cut dough ball of different sizes like you can cut dough balls of 20 grams, 50 grams, 70 grams, 100 grams, 150 grams, 200 grams, and 300 grams. Most people use this machine for big goats, big restaurants, and such. These machines are used in many places where food is prepared in large quantities, such as ashrams, temples, and gurudwaras. These machines are used extensively in these places. This machine is very effective. The most It is used for making wheat flour flour and people make it from different types of materials so that it can do its work quickly. Its capacity ranges from 10 to 20000 per hour and this machine has a very reasonable price. It is available in it, and it is straightforward to run, we will tell you this in the installation.

Repairing and Installation of Dough Ball Cutting Machine.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine. Inside this machine, we have installed a motor that runs through a gearbox, and along with the motor, we have attached a long iron rod that is wide. It is connected to a small one at the front and at the top we have made a copper inside which we put the coil and after that, we see that whatever comes goes forward. Inside we have fitted some of our bearings-type rods which push the come forward and it goes through a pipe and comes in front of the girl and it cuts her and makes her fall. If you ever see someone in this machine. If any fault is seen, then you can open its back panel and see if there is any fault in the motor speed or gearbox, even if you are not able to correct it. Or there is no fault in anything else in the gearbox, even after that if you are not able to fix it then you call us within 100 to 200 km we will send our guy in 1 day to 2 days, and 500 to 1000 We will provide you service within a kilometre and if you are outside the Indian border and you have purchased this machine from us then we will help you in repairing the machine over video call and even after that If you have any missing parts or there are no parts, then we will send you the free parts under warranty so that you can repair your machine yourself and we will give you the solution by repairing the entire machine on a video call.

Installation: It is very easy to install this machine. You need a piece of ground that should be straight and should not be high or low anywhere. After that, you have to keep this machine in its place. You have to connect its wire to the electricity and press the on/off button on the panel of the machine. Also, a button for the speed of the motor is given. You can decide according to the speed of the motor how many pieces you have to cut per hour, after that when this machine starts and when your work starts, you can complete your work and fill the remaining amount in this machine. Take it out properly, clean it, close it, and keep the machine, in this way, you can enjoy this machine completely.

Why Choose Us?

You can use this Dough Ball Cutting Machine the most because it will do the work quickly and very cleanly. We have seen it mostly in bakeries. In big restaurants, people are upset with their artisans, they work very cheaply, and their way of working is very slow and delicious because of this.

Most people get worried, this machine will do your work at a very high speed, like a craftsman can make 1000 pieces within 1 hour, the same machine can make up to 5000 pieces within 1 hour and you can make this machine as your own. You can buy it accordingly if You can save your labor costs. You pay at least Rs 10000 to 15000 per month to an artisan. The cost of running this machine for this work is Rs 2000 to 3000 per month, so you can calculate. You are saving money and at the same time you can see how cleanly and quickly your work is being done, so we will tell you that the machine is too expensive for you, take this machine once and enjoy it You need a cutting machine for 1000 to 5000 pcs per hour, then that too will be available, if you need more for that work then that will also be available and the biggest thing is that you can buy it from us.

(FAQs) of Dough Ball Cutting machine

  • The Dough Ball Cutting Machine is designed to efficiently prepare and portion dough. It replaces manual labor by automatically cutting and shaping dough balls, making it ideal for bakeries, restaurants, large kitchens, ashrams, temples, and gurudwaras.
  • The machine can cut dough balls of various sizes, ranging from 20 grams to 300 grams. This flexibility allows users to tailor the size of dough balls according to their specific baking requirements.
  • The Dough Ball Cutting Machine significantly enhances efficiency and productivity by automating the dough preparation process. It has the capacity to do the work equivalent to 10 individuals in a day, making it a valuable asset for businesses requiring large quantities of dough.
  • Repairing the machine is straightforward. It is equipped with a motor, gearbox, and cutting mechanism. In case of a fault, customers can open the back panel to identify and rectify issues related to the motor speed or gearbox. If needed, on-site repair services are available within 1-2 days for distances of 100 to 200 kilometers, and technical support is provided via video call for international customers.
  • Installing the machine is simple. A flat and straight ground surface is required. After placing the machine, connect it to electricity, press the on/off button, and set the motor speed using the provided panel. The straightforward installation process allows users to quickly integrate the machine into their operations.
  • The machine promotes cleanliness by eliminating the need for manual dough preparation, reducing the chances of contamination. Its automated process ensures hygienic food production, making it suitable for various establishments where cleanliness is paramount.
  • Choosing this machine offers several advantages over traditional methods. It significantly increases production speed, reduces labor costs, and ensures a cleaner and more hygienic food preparation environment. The machine's ability to produce uniform dough balls quickly sets it apart from manual labor.
  • Using this machine results in substantial cost savings. It eliminates the need for multiple artisans, reducing monthly labor costs. The monthly running cost for the machine is a fraction of the labor expenses, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.
  • Yes, the machine is versatile and can accommodate various production requirements. Users can adjust the motor speed to determine how many pieces they want to cut per hour, providing flexibility based on their specific needs.
  • Investing in this machine enhances overall business growth by increasing production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and ensuring consistent and hygienic food preparation. The time and cost savings allow businesses to expand their operations and compete effectively in the market.
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