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Electric Convection Oven

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 1 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 1500 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Tray Size 16/24 Inch 400X600 MM

What are Electric Convection Oven used for?

The electric convection oven is a machine used in the bakery. People mostly use this machine in their bakery. Inside it, people use it to make pancakes and cakes, etc., and which are used to make your bread, etc. Its specialty is this. It has both a steam and vacuum system inside it and a fan is installed inside it which helps in conveying the heating power very quickly. Inside the machine, you are given a digital panel that has all the buttons that you can operate according to the temperature. Along with this, it is made with copper calls inside it, which allows you to check the depth of your product by measuring it inside. The specialty of the cooking done inside it is that it does not allow any product to remain even 1% raw. It cooks the product up to 100%. The hitting power of the connection oven remains up to 400 degrees. People mostly use a convection oven to melt chocolate, make cake, cook eggs, or make all these things like pizza, burgers, etc. The convection oven is mostly used by us in big bakeries also and it is different. Comes in different charges like chart 10 to 8 to 12 try and 18 convection ovens. The quality heating technology done inside it is in a way with a vacuum with an air system which throws hot air and cooks the thing well.

Repairing and Installation of Electric Convection Oven.

Repairing: To repair this oven, if you are within the Indian border, then we provide our man to you. If you do it within 200 kilometers, then you will get the service within two days, and if you are within 1000 kilometers. If it is at a distance of 1500 kilometers or more and is inside India, then we will be able to provide you service within 6 to 7 days, and if you are from any other border from India. If you have purchased this machine from any other country or have ordered it for yourself, then we provide a technical set with this machine, a data sheet by seeing which you can correct the machine and also have to send some spare parts, if they get damaged then you can change it, also if you face any problem in changing this lesson, then we teach you how to change the layer on video call tax support, correct the machine, after that if you have any part which is damaged and is not working and your machine is within the warranty period then we send you that pass so that you can install the parts and start your machine and also our guy will tell you that on a video call. learn to fit parts.

You can install this machine very easily. If you want to run this machine, you need a proper cupboard where you have to set the Shobhan, after that, you can run it. As you see, all the buttons are given on the panel of this machine, on off, temperature degree and cooking and all the methods. You can choose the cooking method as per your choice, according to the temperature. You can choose the according to and after that, you can start the machine by connecting its wire to the electricity and you can do whatever you want with it, you can cook, you can also run this machine according to the timer as per your requirement. If you want to cook any food for 10 minutes, then you can turn on this machine by starting the timer of 10 minutes and after the timer is completed, the machine will automatically stop.


  • The Electric Convection Oven is a versatile baking machine used in bakeries and kitchens. It is mainly employed for baking goods such as bread, cakes, pancakes, and more.
  • The Electric Convection Oven features both steam and vacuum systems, along with a powerful fan for rapid and even heating. Its digital panel allows precise temperature control, and the copper coils ensure thorough cooking.
  • The oven can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees, providing the necessary heat for various cooking requirements.
  • The convection oven employs a combination of vacuum and air systems, using hot air circulation to cook food thoroughly. It guarantees that products are cooked to 100% perfection, leaving no raw portions.
  • Repair services are available both within and outside the Indian border. On-site service is provided within 200 kilometers in India, and for international customers, a technical set and spare parts are sent along with the machine. Video call support is offered for guidance on repairs.
  • The oven utilizes advanced heating technology, combining a vacuum and air system. This ensures efficient hot air circulation, resulting in better cooking compared to traditional ovens.
  • The Electric Convection Oven improves efficiency by providing precise temperature control, even cooking, and a rapid cooking process. This helps in saving time and energy costs in a bakery or kitchen setup.
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