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High Quality Pizza Oven

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 1 KW
Heat System Electric or GAS
Capacity 100 To 500 PCS HR
Volt 110 V or 220 V
Warranty 1 Year
Panel Automatic

Ultimate High Quality Pizza Oven for Perfectly Baked Pizzas.

High Quality Pizza Oven: This oven is square. Inside this oven, we can see our pizza. It can hold four pizzas of 12 inches and the bigger size can hold 6 pizzas of 12 inches. Inside this oven there are two functions, one is electric and one is gas, it depends on which mode you use and the size of this oven is not very big, it can be very small. You can also keep it in the cupboard and run it. Most people use it in big shops as well as in small shops because it has a very good oven at the back. Another thing is that there is a stone inside it. It is applied on the stone, the base of the pizza becomes crispy which the customers enjoy eating. Often we have seen that high-quality production, high quality To make food, we need good machines. To make pizza, we consider it to be the best machine for making pizza and it is not available at a high rate in the market. If you hire an artisan, he will not be able to work so fast on the furnace. The speed at which it can work in this oven is that it can easily make 50 to 100 pizzas within 1 hour, which will allow you to sell more of your goods.

Experience Exceptional Pizza Making with Our High Quality Oven Repair and Installation Services.

How to repair a high quality pizza oven It is very easy to repair, it is in the shape of a small box, and it has a heated element on the top and a stone on the bottom, along with a temperature button. And the on/off button is given. First of all, if you face any problem, the thing which is not working like its fan or its element or its description, you should know about it. Its line will have to be checked and its wiring will have to be checked after that, if you find any defect then it will have to be rectified, and if even after that you are not able to fix it then call us, and we will help you within 100 to 200 kilometers in 1 day. We will provide the technician within 1000 km and if you are at a greater distance than that, like 100 to 1000, 1000 to 2000 kilometers, then we will send you the technician in three to four days. Will you who will come and repair your machine if you are a foreign customer living outside the Indian border and you have bought the machine from us and there is some fault in your machine and the parts which are damaged are with you? If not, then you will send us a request for the same, we will send you the parts for free and will also tell you how to repair the machine on video call so that you can run this machine with full pleasure.

Installation: It is very easy to install this machine. To operate it, you can keep it on the table or keep it in the cupboard. Just keep one thing in mind wherever you keep it, the place should be completely clear. It should not be too high or low, after that, you connect its wire to electricity and if you have taken this gas model then you connect it to the cylinder and run its line and if you have taken electricIf you have bought a model, you will just have to connect a wire to the electricity and after that, you will place your pizza inside it, set its temperature meter and turn on the button and after that when your pizza will be cooked as per your temperature. You will take it out and there is also a timer button inside it. You can also set the timer according to your choice. You will enjoy it a lot. If you want to buy this machine, then you will take your work forward very quickly.

Why should you choose this machine?

The biggest thing that you must have seen is that if you make pizza in a hand-made pan or on a stove or in a microwave, then either its base is not cooked properly and it does not get crisp properly and In today’s time, every person demands the best taste, so the biggest thing is that you can cook pizza very well inside it, the second thing is that it also works according to the timer and you’re According to this, if you look at it, you will see a lot of difference between the pizza cooked in the furnace and the pizza cooked in the oven and your artisan will be able to work on it at a much higher speed and its cost is much less as compared to the furnace. Maintenance of the furnace has to be done every 2 months. There is no maintenance of your furnace. Once you buy the oven, there is no problem in it for years. Life is minimum for 10 to 12 years and we have sold this oven to a lot of people. To date we have found many people are satisfied with it and no one has expressed their displeasure with it, so we would like to tell you that you should buy this oven once. Buy the machine enjoy it and take your work to higher and higher positions.

(FAQs) of High Quality Pizza Oven

  • The oven can hold four 12-inch pizzas, and the larger size can accommodate six 12-inch pizzas. It's versatile, making it suitable for various types of pizzas.
  • The oven comes with both electric and gas functions, offering flexibility to the user. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences. The electric mode operates by connecting the wire to electricity, while the gas mode involves connecting it to a gas cylinder.
  • The oven is equipped with a stone that enhances the crispiness of the pizza crust. When cooking, the pizza rests on the stone, providing a desirable texture to the base.
  • The oven is designed for high-speed production, capable of making 50 to 100 pizzas within one hour. This efficiency allows businesses to meet customer demand and increase sales.
  • Repairing the oven is straightforward. In case of issues with the fan, heating element, or other components, checking and correcting the wiring is the first step. If users encounter difficulties, they can contact the company for assistance, with on-site repair services available.
  • Installing the oven is simple. Whether placed on a table or in a cupboard, it requires a flat and clear surface. Connect the wire to electricity or gas, set the temperature, and use the timer according to your preferences. This easy installation ensures a seamless operation.
  • The oven surpasses traditional methods by offering consistent and high-quality results. Unlike traditional wood-fired ovens that require significant maintenance, this oven has minimal upkeep, providing a durable and efficient solution for pizza-making businesses.
  • Businesses can benefit from cost savings with this oven. It eliminates the need for an artisan to work on a traditional furnace, reducing labor costs. Additionally, the oven requires minimal maintenance, further cutting down operational expenses.
  • The oven has a minimum lifespan of 10 to 12 years, and its durability eliminates the need for frequent maintenance. Unlike traditional furnaces that need upkeep every two months, this oven offers a hassle-free and long-lasting solution.
  • Businesses should choose this oven for its ability to produce high-quality pizzas consistently, at a faster speed, and with minimal maintenance. The crispiness achieved through the stone, coupled with cost savings on labor and maintenance, makes it a superior choice for pizza-making businesses.
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