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High Speed Wire Cutting Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 2 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 200 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V

High Speed Wire Cutting Machine

This is the High Speed Wire Cutting Machine from which biscuits are made. It is called a biscuit wire-cutting machine. High Speed Wire Cutting Machines is used in big bakeries. Often you must have seen that different types of biscuits are available in the market, such as this machine is used to make honey biscuits in square or round shape. For example, if you want to make biscuits. You have to put the material inside it, after that you have to choose the design and it will keep cutting biscuits of the same size. This machine comes in different sizes like 6 nozzles, 7 nozzles, 8 nozzles, and without nozzles. Inside this machine, you can tighten the design as per your choice and get the design of your choice applied, you will see this when you try to make biscuits inside it. The material is mixed and poured, then as the material moves from top to bottom coming out of the nozzle, there is a wire inside it which keeps cutting it and the material tray. This is a cookie wire-cutting machine.

What type of material is used in making high speed wire cutting machine?

High Speed Wire Cutting Machine Material: To make this machine, we have used stainless steel 304 grade which is the steel used in cooking utensils, and also we have installed a CNC motor inside it which is a fully electronic and computerized motor. Also, we have installed a digital panel inside it which is a touch screen and it is connected to this motor through software which allows the motor to control its running. It helps in speed and speed, we call it Fully Automatic Cookie Dropping Machine and inside it, we have installed a conveyor belt system which moves forward along the track through the conveyor and on top of it we have made a big bowl with a cup. We put the material inside and after putting the material downwards, we have a mill inside which pushes the material downwards. After coming out of the nose, it comes out of the cut and falls in the train. Inside this we have given a complete automatic wiring system which is all in wire copper and a hard drive is also given inside it which keeps your data.

What are the benefits of high speed wire cutting machine.

The benefit of High Speed Wire Cutting Machine is that we have often seen people in big bakeries use 10-20 manpower to make biscuits and often even after that they do not get quality and clean biscuits. They are not able to make the shape of the product the way they want to make it and sell it in the market, so we will tell you that the biggest use of this machine is that it cuts your product very well and cleanly. It comes and gives the work promptly and at the same time, this machine does the work which 10 people do in a day, within 1 hour, which means that it increases the speed of your work and whereas you can earn Rs 15 to 20 thousand at the cost of an artisan. If you pay monthly, the cost of running this machine for a month is Rs 7000 to 8000, in which you can save time and both things.

How to Repair and Install High Speed Wire Cutting Machines in an Easy Way.

Repairing It is very easy and simple to repair this machine. Inside this machine, we have set the wires of everything in different ways, such as the on-off wire is separate and the power system of the entire machine is separate. It is set separately according to the wiring. If you find any fault inside this machine, then you will have to first open the panel and check its wiring and even after that, if you are not able to fix the fault, then you Call us, 100 to 200 kilometers. For distances of 1000 to 2000 km, we will send it within one to two days, and we will take 6 to 7 days if you are not an Indian customer or a foreign customer then we will take at least 1 day to service you on this machine. We will take 24 hours for which we will service you through video call and after that if you have any part which is damaged and that part is not available with you and the machine is under warranty we will send the parts to you through bike courier within 6 to 7 days and after that on a video call, we will restart this machine and give it to you so that you can enjoy this machine to the fullest and improve your production. and after that, by pressing the on button of this machine, you will put the ingredients for making your biscuits in the cup above it and put your track on your shoulder after sucking the design of your choice, start this machine, and then your Material preparation will start. When one train is filled, you will quickly put the second train behind so that your material does not fall on the belt of the machine and it goes directly inside the tray.

Installation: To install this machine very easily, you will need a straight flat set of land where you will have to stand this machine and after that, you will have to connect this machine to the electrical board. Its wire will have to be connected to the electrical board and after that, if you look inside this machine, there will be a power button. If you turn it on, a light will come on inside the machine.

Why should you choose this machine?

We have often seen in big factories that people employ 10-20 people to make biscuits and even then they are not able to give the finishing touch to the biscuits that they want. At the same time, it gets spoiled because they make the biscuits by pressing them by hand and cutting them here due to which they are not able to work properly. This machine will give you the first and foremost thing which is the making of biscuits. The size is exactly proper and it will give one size so that all the biscuits are made of the same size. After that, you will see that you will pay two to 2 and 2.5 lakh rupees to 10 to 20 artisans every month but you will have to pay the cost of running this machine. Then you can save your money on this. The third most important thing is that if you see that even if you work at a speed of 10 to 20 days, even then they will not be able to make and give you as much goods as this machine can make within a day, which means that this machine She can do the work of 20 men herself within one to two hours.


  • The High-Speed Wire Cutting Machine is a specialized equipment used to efficiently cut biscuits into various shapes and sizes. It plays a crucial role in the production of biscuits, offering precision and uniformity. Users can input the raw material, and choose a design, and the machine cuts biscuits of the same size accordingly.
  • The machine is crafted using high-quality stainless steel grade 304, commonly used in cooking utensils. It incorporates a CNC motor, ensuring electronic precision. The digital panel, operated through software, connects to the motor, allowing for controlled and automated operations.
  • The machine significantly enhances efficiency, replacing the need for multiple manual laborers. It ensures clean and precise cuts, maintaining product quality. The speed and automation result in a substantial increase in production output, saving both time and labor costs.
  • The machine comes in various sizes, including 6 nozzles, seven nozzles, eight nozzles, and configurations without nozzles. Users can customize the design as per their preference, providing flexibility in biscuit shapes.
  • Yes, the machine offers versatility in creating various biscuit shapes and sizes. Users can easily adjust the design settings to meet specific requirements, providing a wide range of customization options.
  • The machine offers unparalleled efficiency, precision, and speed compared to traditional methods. It ensures uniform biscuit sizes, reduces labor costs, and significantly increases production output, making it a cost-effective and time-saving solution for biscuit manufacturers.
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