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Industrial Steam Boiler

Material Fully Stainless
Motor 1 HP or 2 HP Water Motor 1.5 HP
Panel Automatic
Pipe SS 304 Grade
Heat Gas, Diesel & Wood
Volt 110 V or 220 V
Capacity 100 To 10000 Kg Hour

What are industrial steam boilers used for?

Industrial Steam Boiler: This is a machine by which we use the steam generated by water to heat the utensils, through which we can cook food and sweets or do many other tasks. With this machine, it is easy for you to make portions in water. This machine is used in many factory industries, plastic industries, food industries, and sweets industries. This steam boiler is of 3 types, the first is wood-fired, and the second. Third, diesel-powered, gas-powered industrial steam boilers. This is the machine by which we use the steam generated by water to heat the utensils, through which we can cook food, sweets, or many other things. With this machine, you can It is easy to make parts in water. This machine is used in many factory industries, plastic industries, food industries, and sweets industries. This team boiler has 3 types. Firstly, it is wood-powered, secondly, diesel-powered, and thirdly, gas-powered people use stream boilers because in this team boiler, there is a saving of 70% in the cost of cooking as compared to gas or stove. And this is the biggest thing that is equipped with pollution, inside it it is completely made of steel, inside it a water line is installed and a fire burns in the middle which converts the water into steam and passes through the pipe. There is a hole at the bottom of your vessel through which it expands to that part and that vessel starts getting heated through that thing and whatever food you cook or make sweets, it starts getting cooked in it and its biggest feature is The thing is that it is much more powerful than other machines and is used in many hair industries, otherwise, it is being used extensively in Africa and Europe also. With this machine, you can do your work very quickly.

Repair and installation of industrial steam boilers.

Repairing and installation: Installation of this machine is a bit hard. To install it, first of all, we will install it at a place where there is a water line or a thick stream of water in the summer because this machine requires water to run. And the guilty thing is under this machine we have to make a child of songs in which the night of the wood falls and if you run on blast diesel we have to make it To set it, we need a straight and flat platform on which we can set it and along with this we take out a pipe in it so that the steam goes into the vessel or otherwise it gets connected to anything else, it depends on that. We take the same length of pipeline and also the cost of removing this machine and installing it.It is different and when it goes somewhere abroad, it comes back telling you what to do if any fault occurs in this machine. However, there is no problem in this machine for a maximum of 15 years and also if the machine is sold within the Indian border. If you have gone, we provide service to our machines in any country. It comes in different quantities like 500 KG for a thousand countries, three fours for friends, and one lakh for countries. This is the power of steam. Now it is your demand. This is the steam power of three fours and one lakh for friends for KG thousand countries. Now it depends on your demand, you would like to have this much steel power and also this collision is always done according to the place. Your cost and installation is determined according to how long and wide your lot is and at what distance you require its pipeline.

Why Choose Us?

We have a very simple reason for choosing this machine. If we go to any school, it is used by a big party, then it involves us a lot. For example, if we use a gas burner. And to run the furnace, we will have to spend 200 rupees for one and a half hours and this machine will do the same work for 50 rupees. The first thing is that we can save our money with it and this machine is a steam boiler. With this, we can connect many utensils and cook food with many utensils simultaneously, and also with this machine we can do our work at a very fast speed. If you install one stove then you can connect other stoves with it. But with a female bowler, you can connect the utensils as per your need and connect the machines used for this team. The special feature is that you can connect as many steam pipelines as you want to it, which runs through the machine’s part, you can connect as many steam pipelines to it and to run this machine, you can use the steam required to make more sweets. For frying and making namkeen. For boiling milk. For dairy products. For industrial products. For making butter and ghee.


  • An Industrial Steam Boiler is a machine that utilizes steam generated from water to heat utensils, enabling the cooking of food, sweets, and various industrial processes. It is widely used in factory industries, plastic industries, food industries, and sweets industries.
  • There are three main types: wood-fired, diesel-powered, and gas-powered Industrial Steam Boilers, each catering to different preferences and needs.
  • Industrial Steam Boilers offer a 70% cost savings in cooking compared to gas or stoves. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, made entirely of steel, and equipped with pollution control features.
  • The machine converts water into steam by burning a fire in the middle. The steam passes through pipes, heating the vessel at the bottom where food is cooked. The machine is made of steel and includes a water line for efficient steam generation.
  • Industrial Steam Boilers come in different capacities, with the ability to handle various quantities of materials. They are used in factory industries, plastic industries, food industries, sweets industries, and more.
  • The installation requires a flat and straight platform with a water line nearby. Additionally, a chimney or pipe is installed for steam passage. The cost of installation varies based on factors like the size of the space and distance from the vessel.
  • Industrial Steam Boilers offer significant savings in labor costs, with the ability to connect multiple utensils and perform various tasks simultaneously. They are ideal for frying, making namkeen, boiling milk, and various industrial processes.
  • Choosing an Industrial Steam Boiler allows for faster cooking, significant cost savings, and the ability to connect multiple utensils simultaneously. It is a versatile and efficient solution for various cooking and industrial needs.
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