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Kaju Musta Machine

Motor 2 HP Single Phase
Phase 1 or 3 On Demand
Kadai Steel 304 Grade
Capacity 15 Kg, 30 Kg, 50 Kg, 100 Kg, 150 Kg, 200 Kg & etc
Viper Wood and Teflon

Advanced Kaju Musta Machine for Efficient Barfi Production.

This is the Cashew Nut Musta Machine that we use to combine milk and cashew nuts to produce barfi. We can thoroughly knead the cashew barfi components with this equipment. In addition, this machine is capable of kneading ball and bagasse barfi. This machine is capable of performing numerous tasks, such as Gram dal, Moong dal, and Barfi. This machine, which was created using quite common technology, is employed by numerous large confectionery producers in India. Large factories and retail establishments employ this machine. Even in a tiny area, it can be installed. You can knead the materials for Kaju Katli extremely well with the aid of this equipment. The components for Kaju Katli should become extremely smooth throughout the kneading process. It goes into the barfi once it is created. This machine is even tiny enough to install. You can knead the ingredients for Kaju Katli well with this machine. After creating the barfi, the substance used in the Katli becomes extremely smooth, which significantly improves the barfi’s flavor. This machine is composed of steel and iron components, and it has excellent finishing as well. It has an inner iron pan that holds 15 kg of material at a time for kneading. This machine can be operated by just one person; alternatively, if you perform the same tasks It will take you three to four hours to knead fifteen to twenty kg of barfi by hand. Indeed, we have 20 to 15 minutes to complete it. You may greatly enhance your productivity and reduce your labor costs by installing this machine. We have seen the reviews of this machine, and there is a high desire for it. We have supplied this equipment to several locations, and thus far, we have not received any shortages. This machine is mostly used to make cashews and khoya barfi. This machine, which comes in various sizes, is used for kneading dough.

We used Kaju Musta Instrument.

The Kaju Mushtaq Machine is used for kneading a variety of materials; it crushes cashew barfi and beats bagasse barfi. This machine’s job is to knead the ingredients that go into making sweets. This machine has a twenty-year working life and weighs between 15 kg and 100 kg in batches.

How to Repair and Installations Cashew Nut Musta Instrument.

Cashew Katli Machine: This device uses extremely basic technology. Anyone can fix this equipment whenever it’s convenient for them; if not, we can do surveys for those who choose to hire us within the Indian border. In addition to fixing the machine, we also provide video feedback to any foreign customers we may have sold it to outside of India in case he notice any issues. phone If a part is damaged, we replace it free of charge under warranty; otherwise, we explain the servicing procedure and note that the machine is incredibly user-friendly. There isn’t any technology that requires a lot of thought to use correctly and comprehend. We take great care in installing this computer. Nothing needs to be done to set up this machine; most of ours are straightforward devices that only require you to connect the wire to the lamp and turn it on.

Why Choose Us?

There is usually no doubt why this kaju machine was purchased. Shop owners of large manufacturing and retail establishments are concerned about the current labor shortage. Your work will be done even faster with this computer. This also saves your hard-earned money and the work is completed in just Rs 1000. Every month you pay 30 to ₹ 40000 to the artisan for your work, this machine will do your work for up to ₹ 3000 per month, which means that the cost of running this machine comes to ₹ 3000 for the whole month, you save money and time.

(FAQs) For Kaju Mushtaq Machine

  • The Kaju Musta Machine is designed to combine milk and cashew nuts to produce barfi. It excels in thoroughly kneading cashew barfi components, as well as ball and bagasse barfi. Additionally, it can perform various tasks, including kneading Gram dal, Moong dal, and other sweets.
  • This machine is highly versatile, capable of kneading a variety of materials used in sweet making. It efficiently handles tasks ranging from crushing cashew barfi to beating bagasse barfi. It is also suitable for kneading ingredients for sweets like Kaju Katli.
  • The machine is composed of durable steel and iron components with excellent finishing. It includes an inner iron pan that holds 15 kg of material at a time for efficient kneading. It is compact, allowing installation even in small areas, and can be operated by a single person.
  • The machine has a working life of twenty years and is available in batches weighing between 15 kg and 100 kg, providing flexibility in production quantities.
  • Repairing the Cashew Katli Machine is straightforward and can be done by anyone. If needed, surveys and video feedback are provided for customers within India. For international customers, damaged parts are replaced under warranty, and servicing procedures are explained through user-friendly instructions.
  • Our machines are designed for user convenience, with simple installation requirements. Most of our devices only require connecting a wire to the lamp and turning it on. The technology is uncomplicated, ensuring ease of use and understanding.
  • The machine is an ideal solution for businesses facing labor shortages. It significantly accelerates the production process, saving both time and labor costs. With this machine, artisans can increase their monthly earnings while completing tasks more efficiently compared to manual labor.
  • Yes, the machine's versatility allows it to be used for kneading dough for various sweets, making it a valuable asset for confectionery producers.

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