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Milking Machine (दूध निकालने की मशीन)

Material Stainless Steel
Load 0.25 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 1500 Liter HR
Motor 1 HP
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Vacuum System Vacuum Motor
Warranty 1 Year

Dairy Automatic Cow and Buffalo Milking Machine.

This is the Milking Machine that works to extract milk from the udder of the cow. It extracts milk from the udder of buffalo and cow. It comes in different types and sizes like 30 liters, 20 liters, 50 liters, and 40 liters. People mostly use this machine to extract milk from the udder of the cow and it saves a lot of your time and gives you the best milk possible. This machine does the work for you alone, you just have to start it by placing it on the buffalo’s udder, after that the milking starts and when all the buffalo’s milk comes out, then you switch off this machine and take out its ears. The milk can be turned at a suitable place or cooled by putting it inside the chiller. See More

What material do we use of completely Milking Machine?

The material we use to make a milking machine is that first thing is its vacuum pump which is installed on the buffalo’s udder and is connected to a pipe, after that, we install a motor inside it which pulls the milk and after, and we attach a system to its second motor at the second site which pulls the milk and comes out. We connect it to the ear of the milk through which it fills the ear. It is made of stainless steel through which milk is filled inside it and this machine is completely electric. We use very good material to make it. Our material is much better than others and the life of our machine is even better.

Advantages of Fully Enclosed Bulk Milk Cooler Machine.

The biggest advantage of the milking machine is that we have seen mostly in big farms where there are large numbers of buffaloes, people extract milk with their hands which also get hurt, and at the same time, milk is not produced properly. You can use this machine because the first thing is that you will not have to do any hard work in it, you have to install its vacuum pump on cold, after that it will come out of the police station. When she starts pulling the milk, she will start turning the milk sour in one ear and when the milk comes out completely, then you can remove the money from the machine buffalo’s station by using its vacuum pump. Friends will often see that if you repeatedly milk the milk by hand, then the milk becomes sour. Even in Holi or Heart Touching places you cannot say that the hands of the artisan or the person milking the buffalo are clean. If you milk it then there will be no need to touch your hands. Milk is hygienic.And it will come out cleanly. Its benefit is that you can save time and at the same time you can extract more milk quickly and it comes in different capacities.

How to repair and install a completely milking machine in a simple manner.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair the milking machine. We have not used any high technology in the milk machine. We have installed a motor inside the milking machine and along with it we have installed vacuum nozzles. We have given an ear inside the milking machine. As you see, we have connected all this together. If there is any fault in the milk machine, then you will only have to worry about its motor and its vacuum.You will have to check the nozzles in the milky machine. If even after that you do not understand the fault then you can get it rectified by sending the machine to us. Call our customer service and get Banda called to you and get your milk machine repaired and enjoy it to the fullest.

Installation: Installation of the Milky Machine is very easy. After connecting the machine to the Buffalo cold, you will have to connect it to an electric wire from which an electric wire will be coming out. You will have to connect it to the electric board and After that, he will have to put it in the buffalo’s place and when all the milk comes out of the buffalo, then he will have to move away from there and pour the milk into a clean vessel or a chiller which Whatever is right according to you, you do not have to do anything else to install it and it also has two wheels installed inside it, so you can easily move it from one buffalo to another.

Why Choose Us?

If there is dirt in the milk, then you just have to start this machine by placing it at the place and the Milking Machine will come out automatically and for the work in which you have to pay Rs 10 to 20 thousand per month, the cost of running one machine is ₹ 1 per month. 1000 comes, then you can calculate how much money you are saving in this and your friends are also saving their time. You can do your work as soon as possible and at minimum cost and complete it on time.


  • A milk machine is a device designed to extract milk from the udder of cows and buffaloes. It operates using a vacuum pump and motors connected to a system that pulls and collects the milk in a stainless steel container.
  • The milk machine comes in various capacities, including 30 liters, 20 liters, 50 liters, and 40 liters. The choice depends on the size of your herd. Larger farms may benefit from higher capacity machines.
  • The milk machine utilizes a vacuum pump, motors, and stainless steel components. Stainless steel is chosen for its durability, cleanliness, and longevity, ensuring the hygienic extraction of milk and a longer machine life.
  • The milk machine is designed to maintain hygienic conditions during milk extraction. It minimizes human contact with the milk, reducing the risk of contamination. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the machine components will further ensure the cleanliness of the milk.
  • Yes, the milk machine is designed to extract milk from both cows and buffaloes. It is versatile and can be used across different dairy animals with ease.
  • Our milk machine stands out due to its superior materials, efficient design, and cost-effectiveness. It offers significant savings in terms of time and money, making it an ideal choice for farms seeking a reliable and economical milking solution.
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