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Motichoor Ladoo Boondi Making Machine

Stainless Steel 304 Grade
Capacity 100 Kg Per Hour
Wash Autowasher
Wire Copper
Heading Gas or Electric

What We Used Laddu Boondi Making Machine.

Laddu Boondi Making Machine is available to create the laddus’s body. You’ve probably seen this machine in action in a candy store quite a bit. Boondi Ladoos will always be there. In the past, individuals would create drops of boondi ladoos using a container within a pan. We introduced the Laddu Making Machine, a brand-new device, to the market because there were no such techniques before and that method was extremely filthy. This device is a laddu maker that allows you to create laddus in various sizes. In addition to making raita boondi, this machine can also be used to make double zero, triple zero, and the numerals one, two, three, four, five, and six. It is quite easy to make boondi with this machine. The process of using it is extremely easy: you simply place the gram flour into the machine, and it automatically opens the gram flour. After washing, the gram flour begins to come out thinner and farther apart.

It begins to delve into it. This machine has a strainer attached to it, causing the gram flour to fall into his wrist. Additionally, we included an automated washing mechanism within the device. Many times, a person can wash 100 kg of gram flour in a single day. Within an hour, the machine may travel 100 to 150 kilometers. We have offered several net kinds with this equipment. The net can be used to remove both small and large boondi. This machine’s fully automatic panel can be changed to eliminate it. This machine has a gas system installed. Furnaces come in three varieties. It can be powered by gas in the first place, wood in the second, and gas in the third. Diesel can also be used to power it. The primary benefit of this machine is that it can complete tasks that your artisans are unable to complete in just one day. When you purchase different sizes from the machine, you will need to remove its mesh and replace it with another mesh to extract flour of different sizes. This increases the production level by four times and allows you to make a variety of dishes like raita boondi, boondi used in nankeen, or boondi used in sweets. There are thirty-eight litres of gram flour in the machine’s bowl. You can place it in the 30-liter vessel one at a time. This machine is made entirely of stainless steel.

How to Repairing and Installations Laddu Boondi Making Machine

Laddu Boondi Making Machine Repair: Our service boy will take care of this machine’s needs if it is located inside the Indian border. We will service this equipment in 1-2 days if it is located within 200 km of our local store. If the machine needs to be repaired, we will give service; if it is more than five thousand km away, we will do so in seven to eight days. Laddu Boondi Making Machine: Our service boy will take care of this machine’s needs if it is located inside the Indian border. We would deliver our service within 2-1 days if this machine is within 200 kilometres of the local store; if not, it will cost Rs. 5,000. If it is more than 100 kilometres away, we will service it for you in 7-8 days. If we sold this machine outside of India, we would send some spare parts with it in case your issue still arises after that. In the event that the machine’s defective parts are not readily available, we will supply the parts at no cost to you within the warranty period and offer video help as well. The info sheet is also included with this equipment when it is sold in any foreign nation. Because of how simple it is to install the mug system, you can easily repair this computer if there is a problem. This machine needs to have its wire connected to the current, as well as its gas system connected to the gas cylinder or gas line. A water pipe needs to be attached at the back of the machine before it can be started. It has an automated panel with a timer and an on/off switch.

Why Choose Us

What are the benefits of purchasing a Laddu Boondi Machine and why would one do so? The first benefit of purchasing a laddu boondi making machine is that, by using it to complete the task in four days, you may save money on labour as well as time. In addition to completing the same task in a single day, this machine will cut production costs by 10% and boost output rates by four times, allowing you to maximize profits. The best part is that you don’t need to do anything else within this machine—it does all the job automatically—so you can make money and compete in the market. This machine has an entirely automatic panel. This device is a timer. This machine also has a system installed, and it costs Rs 10,000 a month to operate. You also have to pay the workers an additional 50,000–60,000 rupees, and the product produced by this machine is hygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Laddu Boondi Making Machine

304 Grade stainless steel was used in the machine's construction to ensure its longevity and hygienic compliance.

With a 100 kg/h capacity, the Laddu Boondi Making Machine enables effective large-scale production.

To provide exact control over the production process, the machine does indeed have a timer.

The machine's automatic washing mechanism is implied by the Autowasher feature, which makes it easier to clean the equipment after use.

Yes, the device provides both gas and electric heating, giving users flexibility in their heating choices.

Because of its longevity and excellent conductivity, copper wire is used in the machine.

By automatically dispense gram flour through a nozzle and using a sieve to make the proper sizes, the machine streamlines the labor-intensive traditional technique of creating boondi laddus. An automatic washing system is another feature.

The machine can be serviced within 1-2 days if it is within the Indian border and is located within 200 kilometers of the local retailer. Service is delivered in seven to eight days to farther-off regions. There are replacement components available, and parts covered by warranties are provided at no cost.

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