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Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Capacity 250 liter To 1000 liter PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Sri Brothers Enterprises

A Solution of Street Vending with the Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machine.

Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machine is a vending machine which is installed on the roadside for milk. You must have often seen that in today’s time, items are being sold in modern ways. Similarly, milk is also being sold in such a way that people put a milk tank on Raksha and fill a container with milk on top of it and that Raksha keeps sending his milk by taking it anywhere to any place. In which there is an automatic panel in which the photo is seated, in which the person puts his money or through a coin, the amount of money or the number of cards he swipes, the same amount of milk comes out, which means that this is a modern system for selling milk. a well used machine.  See More

What material do we use of completely rikshaw mounted vending machine?

To make this machine, the material used is fully stainless steel 304 grade which is the steel used in food items and also we have installed an automatic panel and nozzle inside it. According to your money, if you put ₹ 50 then milk worth ₹ 50 will come out. If you put ₹ 60 in, then milk worth ₹ 60 will come out, that means an automatic milk dispenser type machine has been made inside, hence we call it Rickshaw Vending. also called a machine.

What are the benefits of rikshaw mounted vending machine?

Its advantage is that if you do not have any shop or proper place where you are not able to send your milk, then you can easily send your milk from place to place with the help of a vending machine and people get attracted to it. Because in today’s time people like modern things more and this is a modern and a good way of selling milk in which milk is not present and hands do not touch it again and again. Milk can be extracted cleanly. and can be avoided.

How to repair and install a completely rikshaw mounted vending machine in a simple use.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine. If there is any damage or any leak in its body, then you can repair it through welding or by some dental if you do not have the way to repair it. So you call us, we will send our man and will repair your machine, in which we will take two to three days’ time from you and also if you are a foreign customer and not an Indian customer, then we will help you in repairing the machine on video call. We will tell you the method and if there is any fault in the panel, then if your machine is in the warranty period, we will send you the panel for free and get the machine repaired.

Installation: To make this machine constellation, first of all you will have to install an iron seat on the rear part of the relationship which is square and completely flat and after that this machine will have to be placed on it. After placing it, you will have to put 6 to 8 inches in it. Clues have to be done and after doing it it has to be done in bold and when both are connected together . After that, you will have to set its balance so that it does not move too much while moving and there is no risk of milk falling or the machine turning over. After this, when it is set, then you can take it from place to place and send your milk.

Mission Up Why choose this machine?

Let us tell you that if you want to sell milk at a good and best place, like you want to earn well, then people can go to Modern Colony which is a VIP committee and buy this machine. You can send your milk by standing it because most of the people will consider its method of milking to be quite hygienic and the sensible people will prefer to buy others in Or while measuring the milk from the utensils, fingers and dirty hands touch it, which makes the milk unhygienic, then this machine is the easiest way for you to sell milk by going from place to place and get the best price to send the milk. You can also choose a better place than. Read More


  • A Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machine is a mobile vending solution that is mounted on a rickshaw, providing a convenient and easily accessible platform for selling various products.
  • The vending machine is equipped with a selection of products, and customers can make purchases by interacting with the machine's interface. Transactions can be completed using cash or digital payment methods.
  • Many Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machines are designed with energy-efficient features and may include options for eco-friendly packaging. These aspects contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious vending solution.
  • Yes, the rickshaw-mounted design allows for easy mobility. Vendors can navigate through different locations to reach a broader customer base.
  • Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machines often come equipped with security features such as surveillance cameras, secure cash handling mechanisms, and tamper-resistant design to ensure the safety of both the machine and its contents.
  • Many modern vending machines offer real-time sales tracking and inventory management features. This enables vendors to monitor product popularity and streamline restocking processes.
  • To become a vendor, you can contact the manufacturer or distributor of Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machines. They can provide information on purchase or lease options, customization features, and training for operating the machine effectively.
  • The target market for a rickshaw-mounted vending machine is diverse, encompassing urban areas with high foot traffic and limited access to traditional retail. It caters to commuters, tourists, and pedestrians seeking convenient, on-the-go purchases. The compact size and mobility of the rickshaw make it suitable for navigating crowded city streets and reaching untapped consumer segments.
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