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Single Head Milk Vending Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 0.5 KW
Capacity 300 LITER PCS HR
Volt 110 V / 220 V
Panel Automatic
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Sri Brothers Enterprises

Convenient and Hygienic Single Head Milk Vending Machine for Fresh Dairy Products.

Single Head Milk Bending Machine: This means that this is also a milk bending machine which automatically dispenses the milk. There is a panel inside it, inside which you dispense any amount by card or by scanning the tax code or by inserting money. You spend as much milk as you want. Single light means this. That there is a single partition inside it and milk is filled only inside the single partition. It comes in two types, single add and double add, meaning two portions and single partition, like if two portions are of 150 liters and single partition. One is of 150 liters.

What material do we use of completely single head milk vending machine?

Single Head Milk Vending Machine To make this machine, we have completely used stainless steel 304 grade, this is the steel used in food items like eating utensils etc. Friend, we have used a digital panel inside which we have made a The entire supply system is provided where you swipe the card. and it takes out the milk worth only rupees, then you don’t need to do anything in it easily. See More

What are the benefits of single head milk vending machine?

The benefit of this machine is that you would often see that where milk is sold, in the shop or whenever the milkman sells milk, he repeatedly takes out the milk from his vessel at one place and breaks it and divides it into pinni or Then he pours it into your bucket in which his fingers also keep sinking and he gets very tired or some people even keep doing the work. If you install this machine then there is no need to do anything in it, the customer goes and scans his card or his tax code or enters the same amount of rupees like ₹ 50 or ₹ 100 and clicks and the same amount of milk comes out of the machine automatically and it carries milk, its benefit is this That you will not need to do anything to go out to deliver milk, this machine will fill the milk automatically i.e. it will sell automatically, so it is better that if you want to sell milk in a hygienic way then enjoy this machine.

How to repair and install a completely single head milk vending machine in a simple use.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine. We have made it completely from stainless steel. If this machine gets pressed from somewhere or there is any leakage from anywhere, then it can be stopped by welding there or its panel gets damaged. If so, you can send its panel to us and get another panel and if even after that, if you are not able to fix the machine, then you call us, we will send our technician to you who will come and fix your machine and also hee Will give milk it to you after running the machine completely but if your distance is 100 to 200 kilometers then the technician will come in one day. If your distance is 1000 to 2000 kilometers then the person will reach you in less than 7 working days. If you are a foreign customer then we Will teach you how to fix the machine over video call and if something gets messed up otherwise the lesson So if your machine is under warranty then we will send you the machine parts for free so that you will be shown how to install those parts on video call, after that your machine will be started for you.

Installation: It is very easy to install this machine on a flat place i.e. on a flat place where there is no rise or fall so that the machine remains in balance and after that it will have to be connected to electricity. After that a milk cell will be placed on top inside it. And if you keep it in this manner, then after filling the milk, if you want to buy this machine with a cooling system, then its compressor will have to be turned on. And after that you don’t have to do anything, the machine will automatically dispense that much milk to any customer who pays to win.

Why should you choose this machine?

We had told you a simple way to choose this machine and we are telling you that often you must have seen that if milk is sent in a big vessel and milk is sent from it little by little and artisans etc. also have to be hired who have to pay a separate amount. If you install this machine then the milk will automatically come out from inside the machine and automatically the money etc. whatever is there. By taking it on its own, you do not need to do anything as it will be cleaned and it will remain clean and hygienic, hence we will ask you to install this machine and you can also save your power. The cost of running this machine is 500 to 800 rupee per month. If it comes then you can also save your money and send the milk in a good and hygienic way in the new model way. Read More


  • A Single Head Milk Vending Machine is a specialized device designed to dispense fresh and chilled milk in a convenient and hygienic manner. It typically features a single dispensing point for users to obtain measured quantities of milk.

The machine operates by storing fresh milk in a refrigerated compartment. Users can select their desired quantity, and the machine dispenses the chosen amount of milk into a container provided by the user.

  • Yes, the milk in the Single Head Milk Vending Machine is typically pasteurized to ensure it meets safety and hygiene standards.
  • The type of milk available can vary, but commonly, it includes options such as whole milk, skim milk, and flavored milk. The specific offerings depend on the machine and its supplier.
  • Yes, the machine is designed for user convenience. Customers can easily follow the intuitive interface to select their desired quantity of milk, and the machine dispenses it quickly.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning protocols are in place to ensure the hygiene of the machine. Vendors or operators are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the dispensing area and other relevant parts regularly.
  • Payment methods can vary, and some machines may accept digital payments, coins, or cash. Check the machine's payment options or contact the operator for specific details.
  • Nutritional information is often provided on the machine or its associated signage. This information may include details such as fat content, calories, and other relevant nutritional facts.
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