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SS Rotary Rack Oven

Material SS 202, 304, 310 & MS
Gear Box 2 Delhi Gear
Tray Size 16X24 Inch – 600/400 MM
Electricity 110 – 220 Volt 50 HZ, 440 Volt 50 HZ ( As Per Order )
Load 4.5 HP
Motor 2 No ( 1PC- 3HP, 1PC-0.5HP ) “Crompton Motor”
Brunel Riello G5 (Make Italian)

Best SS Rotary Rack Oven in India.

It is a SS rotary rack oven that is used in big bakeries or is also used in some small bakeries because it always comes in the market according to the size as per your need. The biggest thing about this oven is its size. It is from 16 trays, after that it is your 20 trays, 22 trays, 24 trays, 42 trays, 72 trays, 120 trays, 136 trays, and 150 trays. You have to choose this oven as per your need Suppose, for example, you have to make goods of 20 to 100 kg or 70 kg, then you will need 16 to 20 kg of the oven and if you want to make more goods than that, then you will have to take a bigger size oven. There are three types of heating systems in it. First is gas, second is diesel, third is board. It also depends on you which one you would prefer to use and through which you will build the oven. Through which you will start the heating power of the oven and it comes in two types of voltage, one single phase and the other three phase. Now it depends on you which connection of the light you want to take. Also, let us tell you that there are four trolleys with it. Most of the time, it is very efficient for both big and small bakeries and we need only one person to run it, and to run it you need even the less people there is plenty of space, you can install it in a 10 by 10 room and if the oven is big then a 20 by 20, 20 by 30 room is also enough for you, rest you will need space for other things.

How to Repair and Install SS Rotary Rack Oven in Simple Way.

Repairing: It is a bit easy to repair the Rotary Rack Oven because we have used very simple technology inside it. We have made this oven in a very easy way. We have given the connection of each of its parts separately. There is a panel installed on the back side on the right-hand side in which each button will have separate wiring and if any of your buttons do not work then you can replace them. You can check the wiring and if even after that your button does not work then you can tell us and also if the burner switches off or starts tripping repeatedly then you can start its burner by cleaning its nozzle and filter and sometimes if you see that your food is getting overcooked at some places and is remaining raw at other places, then you can understand that what is inside it. There is an air system, it has broken down, you have to set your accord and if you can’t, then you call us, we will send our technician to you, who will come and give you service, but if you are at a distance of 100 kilometres. Or if it is at a distance of 200 kilometres then you will get the service in 1 to 2 days and if you are at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometres then you will get service within 5 to 6 days and if you are from out. If the customer is like our foreign customer, then we will teach you how to repair this machine on video call tax support. Also, when we give the machine, we give some spare parts and give a datasheet, how the machine is made and it’s too correct it: If even after that you face any problem in correcting some machine, then we will explain to you on video call how to correct this machine completely and if your parts are Parts are not available and the machine is out of warranty. If the machine is under warranty, we will send the parts to you for free and you can install the parts and enjoy this machine again.

Installation of this machine console is very easy. To install this machine, you will need a plain flat ground which should be absolutely straight, not high or low anywhere, and after that, you have to keep this oven in one place and keep it in place. After this, you have to connect its electrical wire to the electricity and you have to see which of the three heating systems your oven is wood, gas or diesel, you will get the same heating. For the system, if it is of diesel then you will have to keep the diesel tank and if it is of gas then you will have to keep the cylinder. If it is of wood then you will have to keep the structure of wood and you will have to keep the van at a distance of two feet from the walls, the reason for this is this. It remains so that your oven can move around the oven and if can check from all sides whether there is a need to keep anything in your place also you see, after you have installed it, how will you use it? First of all, put your ingredients in the tray inside its trolley and put this trolley inside and then leave it to cook and set the timer and number as per your requirement. Turn on the button of the trolley and set the temperature and when it is cooked, pull out the trolley and take out your products. It is straightforward to operate.

Why should you choose this oven?

So we would like to tell you. A big reason for you to choose this Rotary Rack Oven machine is that you will always see people from all the bakeries and big factories working at your place. Delays made They are troubled due to which they get late in placing orders and mostly the market value of their product also gets reduced and the person starts incurring losses. The biggest advantage of this is that you need one to two men to run this machine and at the same time you can save the salary given to your manpower and can do high production at low cost and send more goods to the market. At the same time, the work which you do in three days can be done in less than one day with this machine because this machine increases the speed of your work four times and a craftsman who, if a little or a little, a person also knows how to work, then he can operate the machine comfortably. Also, by saving your time and money, you can take yourself to a good level by increasing the production level in your market and earning good profits.

(FAQs) of SS Rotary Rack Oven

  • An SS Rotary Rack Oven is an oven designed for both big and small bakeries. It comes in various sizes, ranging from 16 trays to 150 trays, catering to different production needs. It is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of baking applications.
  • The size of the oven depends on your production requirements. If you need to make goods ranging from 20 to 100 kg or more, you can choose from different tray capacities, such as 16 trays, 20-22 trays, 42 trays, 72 trays, 120 trays, 136 trays, and 150 trays.
  • The SS Rotary Rack Oven offers three heating systems: gas, diesel, and wood. Your choice depends on your preference and the resources available. Each heating system is efficient and contributes to the oven's overall performance.
  • Yes, the SS Rotary Rack Oven is designed to be efficient for both big and small bakeries. It requires minimal manpower, making it cost-effective for small-scale operations, while its larger capacities cater to the production needs of big bakeries.
  • The SS Rotary Rack Oven is available in both single-phase and three-phase options. The choice of voltage depends on your electrical infrastructure and requirements.
  • Repairing the SS Rotary Rack Oven is made easy with its simple technology. Each part has separate wiring, allowing for easy replacement. In case of issues, the company provides timely service within specified distances. International customers receive video call support.
  • Installing the SS Rotary Rack Oven is straightforward. It requires a flat and level ground. After connecting it to electricity, the appropriate heating system (gas, diesel, or wood) is set up. Adequate space is needed for the oven and other components.
  • The SS Rotary Rack Oven significantly reduces the time required for baking compared to traditional methods. Its high-speed operation and large tray capacity allow for quicker and more efficient baking.
  • By requiring minimal manpower and offering high-speed production, the SS Rotary Rack Oven helps bakeries save on labor costs. It enhances overall production efficiency, resulting in cost savings for bakery businesses.
  • Choosing the SS Rotary Rack Oven provides a multitude of benefits, including increased production speed, reduced labor costs, and versatility for both small and large-scale operations. It is a cost-effective solution that can elevate your bakery's production capacity and profitability.
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