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1 Deck 3 Tray Gas Deck Oven

Material SS 304 Grade
Capacity 25 To 50 Kg Per Day
Panel Automatic
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Heat System Gas
Warranty 1 Year

Get the Perfectly Baked Delights with our 1 Deck 3 Tray Gas Deck Oven.

1 deck 3 tray gas oven We call it a deck oven because it is a very small oven. Inside it, three trays come in at a time. The size of one tray is 16 x 24 inches. Inside it, you can cook 20 to 25 kg. You can cook the 20 to 25 kg cook within a day. Also, to run this oven, you will need a light current and a gas cylinder. It takes 200 to 300 grams of gas within 1 hour, which you can put inside it. You can cook items like you can make bread or burger, you can make a base of the pizza, you can make a small burger or you can also cook pizza and with it, you can cook cookie biscuits in small quantity inside it, you can cook the base of cake in it. You can also make pages of pastries and small breads that come inside it, that is why we call it a deck oven. Mostly this small bakery is used in it and people call it a deck oven. We buy it for a small bakery. We have considered this to be a very successful thing in the future and according to our experience, we have sold many machines from where we have found good results and most of the customers are satisfied with this machine because it is easy to operate. This deck oven is very useful and inside it, you can pizza, and bread cook it very cleanly secondly, your food becomes completely hygienic untouched food.

Efficient Repairing and Installation Services for Deck 3 Tray Gas Deck Ovens.

Repairing: Repairing this oven is very easy, first of all, you have to see what is the problem with your oven, like your heating fan is not running or it is not running as described. If its pan is not running then you need to repair it. The wiring will have to be checked and you will see that on the side where the buttons are located, we have made a small door in it, on which come 4 volts, after opening that board. Take out the door and check all the connections and even after that if you fail to fix this machine then call us, we will send our technician to you within a day if you are at a distance of 100 to 200 kilometers. We will send our technician to you in four to 5 days. Also, if you are a foreign customer, then we can help you repair this machine on a video call. If any part is damaged then they will send that part to you and after installing that part on a video call, they will start your machine and leave you with the machine to enjoy this machine, there is a stone placed below it.

Installation: Installation of this machine console is very easy, you have to see a flat ground to install this machine or keep it on the table or keep it in the cupboard, you can also run it, you just have to see that the level of the ground is correct, it should not be high or low from anywhere. Also, there should be a good wire of 2 mm 1.5 mm which should be connected to your board of light and after this, you will connect its wire to the light. After connecting, there is a pipe inside it at the back which you have to connect to the cylinder after that, you will turn on the regulator of the cylinder, then keep it on the tray in the oven and close the door of the oven. You can choose the timer as per your choice, so 200-300 degrees as per your wish, after that, you can set the timer according to how much time and temperature you want to run the machine. And when the timer of the machine is completed, the machine will automatically stop and you will hear an alarm, after that, you can take out your material and check how cooked it is and can easily send it to the counter of your shop.

Why Choose Us?

1 deck 3 tray fully electric and gas oven. This oven is a 3-tray gas deck oven. Inside it, you can make 20 to 25 kg of goods and it is a very successful building for small shops. The goods cooked inside it are very good. It cooks very well which makes it sear from inside to outside and pizzas etc. also remain crunchy and the base at the bottom is a stone base that is placed inside the food. It creates a crunchy sound which makes the customer happy when he eats it. Also, compared to the desi Bhatti, the work inside it is done completely automatically and with finishing. The work inside the desi Bhatti is often dirty and the goods are spoiled by repeatedly touching the hand. It has to be checked so that the food gets caught and bacteria get attached to it. Because of this, it is a completely safe and hygienic food oven for you. By using it, you can increase both your production and the level of your shop.

(FAQs) of 1 Deck 3 Tray Gas Deck Oven

  • This oven is a compact three-tray unit suitable for small bakeries. With a tray size of 16 by 24 inches, it allows for the preparation of 20 to 25 kg of goods in a day. It is commonly used for baking items like burger buns, pizza bases, cookies, cakes, pastries, and small bread.
  • This oven is specifically designed for small-scale baking operations. Its stone base ensures a crisp texture to the baked goods. Unlike traditional methods, it operates automatically, providing a cleaner and more efficient baking process.
  • To operate the 1 Deck 3 Tray Gas Deck Oven, you need a standard electrical connection for lights and a gas cylinder. It consumes approximately 200 to 300 grams of gas per hour.
  • Repairing the oven involves checking its components, including the heating fan and wiring. If issues persist, customers can contact the company for assistance. Repair services are provided within a day for locations within 100 to 200 kilometers, and within four to five days for longer distances.
  • Installation is straightforward. The oven can be placed on a flat surface, table, or in a cupboard. A level ground is essential, and the electrical wire (2mm to 1.5mm) must be connected to a power source. For gas operation, the provided pipe connects to the cylinder. Once connected, the machine is ready for use.
  • The stone base inside the oven ensures a crunchy texture to the baked items. This feature adds a unique and desirable quality to the goods, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Yes, the oven offers dual functionality, allowing users to choose between electric and gas modes based on their preferences and requirements.
  • Customers should choose this oven for its efficiency, cleanliness, and hygienic baking process. It provides a safe and automated alternative to traditional methods, increasing both production levels and the overall quality of baked goods.
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