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3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 2 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 1500 PCS HR
Fuel System Electric Or GAS
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V

What are 3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven used for?

3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven: Most people use this oven for small bakeries, such as those who have to make 50 to 100 kg of goods in a day. Most of the people use it for making bands and for making the base of pizza. This oven is used for making burgers etc. and for making biscuits in small quantities. This oven is of a cupboard type, it has three compartments, you can put two trays in one compartment and one tray. The size of the train is 16 X 24 inches and you can put 6 trains in it. There are two trays inside each tray and the system of each tray is different, like suppose there are three trays in it, each tray has to be operated. To operate each part, its heating system on a system of the system is given separately. Suppose you have to work only on one part, then you will use only one part If you have to do it in two parts then we will do it in two and if you want to do it in three then we will do it in three, that is why we call it back oven and it is very beneficial for small works and people enjoy it a lot in today’s market. It is used a lot for hygienic for food.

Repairing and Installation of 3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven.

3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven Repairing of this machine It is very easy for you to repair this machine, you just need to have the parts to repair it, by the way, we cut off the machine to all the customers or if you are not an Indian customer then you can buy it from a foreign customer and If you have expired parts and the machine is under warranty then we will send you the parts by courier free of cost and also let us tell you that each part has its separate item. Only the description has been given and the fan is given. If you open the panel from the side and see that the fan or fan is not working then you should clean the pipe or its wire and if even after that it does not work then You make a video call to us, and we will provide you complete tech support, if even after that you face any problem, then we will send you our data technical set through which you will be able to correct this machine. It is very easy to repair this machine and if you are inside India, then if you are at a distance of 100 to 200 kilometres from us, we will give you service the next day, and if you are at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometres. If yes then we will take 7 days to provide you with service

It is very easy to install this machine as we always tell you that first of all you need a ground surface which should be straight and should not be crooked and after that you This machine has to be kept there. After placing it, you have to connect the wire of this machine to the electricity. After connecting, if there is a gas system in it, then you have to connect the cylinder to the gas. And if your machine is fully automatic, fully electric, then you have to turn on the electric heater, after that, you will see buttons for all the things in it, there is a button for a timer, there is also a button for on off, and you You can set a timer according to your choice, add whatever ingredients you want to cook, turn on the machine and start it.

Why should you choose this machine?

You have a very simple reason for running this machine. The biggest thing is that if you choose this gas deck oven then it will become very easy for you to do your work and the machine is very effective for small shops. Like any other thing, you would have seen artisans working but they are not able to cook food properly and cleanly. You can cook food very cleanly in this oven and An hour’s work can be done in minutes and instead of paying 15-20 thousand rupees to the artisan, you can do it with your own money and at the same time you will see that the cost of running this machine is ₹ 20000 per month, above this there is no cost for this machine. There is no expense, you can expand your shop by installing this machine and enjoy it to the fullest.

(FAQs) of 3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven

  • The 3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Deck Oven is designed for small bakeries producing 50 to 100 kg of goods daily. It's suitable for baking bread, pizza bases, burgers, and small quantities of biscuits, providing a hygienic solution for food preparation.
  • This oven features three compartments, each accommodating two trays. With a total capacity of six trays, it allows flexibility in operation. Each compartment has an independent heating system, enabling users to operate one, two, or all three parts based on their production needs.
  • Repairing the oven is straightforward. Parts are provided with separate descriptions, making it easy to identify and replace faulty components. Customers under warranty receive free parts via courier. For troubleshooting, customers can perform basic checks, and if issues persist, technical support is available through video calls. In India, on-site service is provided within 1-2 days for distances of 100 to 200 kilometers and within 7 days for distances of 1000 to 2000 kilometers.
  • Installation is simple. A flat and straight ground surface is required. Connect the machine to electricity and, if applicable, to a gas cylinder. For fully electric models, turn on the electric heater, set the timer, and start the machine. Buttons for timer, on/off, and other functions are clearly labeled.
  • The oven streamlines operations, allowing small shops to produce efficiently. It eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing costs associated with artisans. The monthly running cost is ₹20,000, offering a cost-effective solution for expanding and enhancing bakery operations.
  • The oven provides an easy and effective solution for small-scale bakeries. It ensures clean and efficient food preparation, significantly reducing the need for manual labor. Its simplicity, flexibility, and low running costs make it a valuable asset for shop owners.
  • The oven ensures clean food preparation by eliminating manual labor and providing an efficient baking process. Its design and independent operation of compartments contribute to maintaining a hygienic environment for food production.
  • Investing in this oven enables businesses to increase production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and create a cleaner and more hygienic food preparation environment. The low monthly running costs contribute to the overall profitability and growth of the bakery business.
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