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42 Tray Rotary Rack Oven

Material SS 202, 304, 310 Grade & MS
Load 3 HP
Panel Automatic / Manual
Capacity 250 KG To 275 KG Per Day Dry Flour
Fuel 220 Volt 50 HZ, 440 Volt 50 HG
Motor 2 No.(1PC- 2HP, 1PC-0.5HP) Crompton Motor

Best 42 Tray Rotary Rack Oven in India

What is the use of a 42 tray rotary rack oven?

Have to buy an oven of the same size, a trolley is put inside this oven. Four trolleys come with this oven. 42 trays can be put inside each trolley at a time when 42 trays are put in the trolley and put inside its oven. When the oven is closed, the oven is started and turned on as per the timer because there is an air fan inside it which provides hot air because there is a chamber below the fan which is inside the chamber. Today the banal goes and it turns the chamber red and after it turns red when it gets heated from inside, it comes out through the air and the trolley which is inside keeps rotating, it takes the goods from all sides. Due to this, people use rotary ovens more and it is better because with this you can save your time and the cost of running it. This machine is very useful. This machine is very efficient, with this you can cook Bakery. Can make many products like Biscuit Bread Juice and more for your Biscuit Bread.

Repairing and Installation 42 Tray Rotary Rack Oven.

Repairing: If we talk about repairing this machine, then repairing this machine is a little easy, As you see, its electric wiring is the easiest. We have given a panel of its wiring at the back side in which every connection of things is different like the connection of the motor is different, the connection of the oven is different, the connection of the timer, and everything else is different. If there is any problem in the oven, then you can correct its connection accordingly. Also, if you ever feel that the colour of the food you are cooking inside is coming out of two colours, then you can correct its ventilation from inside. You can also correct it by setting the temperature of its air and if you see that the material is burning then there is some fault in your chamber, then you will have to correct the chamber by opening its body from the back. However, the life of its chamber is 10 to 15 years. Generally, all the other oven manufacturers make the chamber in stainless steel 304 grade and the chamber installed in our place is made of stainless steel 310, which light lasts for 15 to 20 years, hence our product is priced 10 to 15 per cent higher in the market and also if your machine is not working well even after that, then you can contact us. Call us, and we will send our man to you, within 100 to 200 kilometres we will provide you with free service within one day. If it is at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometres or 500 kilometres, then it will take us 4 to 7 days to provide service. It will take time and our guy will go and fix your machine. If you are not an Indian customer, but a foreign customer like you are from a different country, then our guy will send you a video. You are told to repair this machine on call and even after that you face any problem in repairing the machine or there is any problem with the parts, then if you do not have the parts, we will send the parts to you from here and those parts will be available on a video call. We will get you set up, after which we will get your machine started and leave you with the machine to enjoy the machine.

Installation: Installation of this machine is very easy and simple, as I have told you, to run every machine, first of all, the surface of the ground should be completely straight and flat, there should not be any high or low, after that you can do a Make an inclined platform so that you can easily put the trolley in and out. If you do not do this then there are chances of the trolley falling and they will track you. And your goods will be damaged, so you should prepare the platform and also keep it at a distance of at least two, two, three, three feet from the walls of the oven and connect its electrical wire to the electricity and if you Whatever heating system you are using, be it gas, diesel, electric or wood, you will have to keep a gas cylinder or diesel tank or a wooden structure at its place so that when the time comes, you turn it on and its heating starts. After that, you will see that there are on-off buttons inside it. You have to put the goods in the trolley and put the trolley inside, after that press the button of the trolley, and the trolley will start rotating. After that, you have to press the heating or fan button and start the bundle and heating fan and set the timer as per your requirement. And when the machine stops according to the timer, then you have to open the oven and take out the trolley and after that, if you want to tell something, then put it inside the second trolley. It is very easy to operate and install. this is the straight-way.

Why Choose Us?

Whenever we go out in the market, we experience that people often ask us why we should buy this Rotary Rack Oven machine, so we want to tell them one simple thing and one simple thing to you that if you buy a machine made by your own hands If you work with a kiln then you know how many workers you need for that and you have to use a stick inside it to move it in and out again and again, but if you install this oven then the biggest thing is that you will increase your production level and your manpower will be used and after that, you will install 42 of them in a trolley and send them inside because inside it we have also put wheels in the trolley at the bottom. They are installed so that the trolley can go in and out easily and if you see, the salary of four to five artisans is one lakh rupees per month, this machine can also be run on the strength of one artisan. The cost of running this machine can hardly be 30,000 to ₹ 40000 for a year, which means the monthly expenditure is 3000 to ₹ 4000, then you can calculate how much you save in this and you can increase your production level in this market. You can also compete in the competition, you will do well in the competition, you can stand up for the people and you can also save the money that you invest in your production level at the manufacturing level and make the most of your time.

(FAQs) of 42 Tray Rotary Rack Oven

  • The 42-tray rotary rack oven is designed for baking a variety of products, such as biscuits, bread, and more. It accommodates 42 trays at a time, utilizing a rotating trolley system to ensure even baking.
  • The oven uses a rotating trolley system with four trolleys, each capable of holding 42 trays. It incorporates an air fan and a chamber that heats up, providing hot air for baking. The rotating trolley ensures uniform baking from all sides, making it an efficient and time-saving machine.
  • Repairing the oven involves checking the electrical wiring, ventilation, and chamber. The electric wiring is easily accessible through a panel at the back, and common issues like color inconsistency or material burning can be addressed by adjusting ventilation and temperature settings. For major repairs, service personnel are available. Local service is provided within 100 to 200 kilometers in 1 to 2 days, within 1000 to 2000 kilometers in 4 to 7 days, and international support is available through video call tax support.
  • The chamber, made of stainless steel 310, has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, significantly contributing to the oven's durability. This material choice sets the product apart in terms of longevity and quality.
  • Installation is straightforward. The machine should be placed on a flat surface with an inclined platform for easy trolley movement. The electrical wire should be connected, and the heating system, whether gas, diesel, electric, or wood, should be prepared. The on-off buttons and timer settings are used for operating the oven.
  • The oven's ability to handle 42 trays simultaneously, coupled with its rotating trolley system, increases production efficiency. Businesses can compete more effectively in the market by reducing labor costs and offering a higher volume of consistently baked products.
  • The use of stainless steel 310 in the chamber sets the product apart in terms of durability. The machine's efficiency, high production capacity, and cost-effectiveness make it a preferable choice for businesses looking to enhance their bakery operations.
  • The 42-tray rotary rack oven is versatile and suitable for baking various products, including biscuits, bread, and more. Its high capacity and rotating trolley system allow for flexibility in baking different items.
  • Investing in this oven enables businesses to increase their production levels, reduce labor costs, and stay competitive in the market. The long lifespan of the chamber and efficient operation make it a sustainable and profitable choice for long-term success.
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