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Automatic Egg Washing Machine

Material Fully Stainless
Pipe SS 304 Grade
Panel Automatic
Capacity 10000 To 30000 PCS Kg HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Capacity 100 to 1500 Kg HR

What are Automatic Egg Washing Machine used for?

The use of this machine is that when the eggs are taken out from the hen farm, they are very badly covered with chicken poop. It is necessary to clean the putty. To do this, an under washing machine is used in which you put the egg, after that the egg moves forward through the conveyor and goes inside the water and after going inside the water, rain is applied on it. They are made of Teflon wires and are very soft when they reach inside the water, they collide with the Teflon wire men and after getting washed and cleaned, they move ahead, inside which we have built antibacterial technology. Sensors are also installed so that whatever bacteria or dirty germs are there, they die and after doing this, they keep moving forward. After moving the egg forward, you will see that This machine comes in different capacities, from 20000 to 30000 ends within 1 hour. Inside this machine, you need only two things to run it, first you need a water system. And secondly, you need a system of light current to run it. This machine is completely made of stainless steel. The job of this machine is to speed up your work.

Repairing and Installations of Automatic Egg Washing Machine.

Repairing the repairing machine It is very easy to repair this machine. We have made this machine with very high technology. We have given this machine a square shape and made it in a steel container inside which has a water capacity of 3. It ranges from 4000 litres, 2000 litres to 1000 litres, it depends on the size of the machine. We have installed brushes inside it, which rotate through a non-motor and from below. From our side, we have installed nozzles inside it which pressurise the water, and from above we have also installed nozzles, and at the same time we have attached a submersible motor to it which supplies the water by pressurising it if there is any pressure in it. If there is any problem with the machine then you can call us or take service from us. If you are in India then we will come to your place and service this machine for you and if you are within 100 to 200 kilometres then we will service you within 3 days and if you are outside the Indian border then we will teach you how to service this machine on video call tax support or if any part gets damaged then you will get it under warranty. Will send the parts to you for free and will also explain how to install the part on a video call.

Why Choose Us?

We have only one simple reason to tell you, if you farm your hens in any poultry farm then you have to hire men to wash the eggs, which also causes loss of your eggs. And the speed of men is not the same as the way you can wash eggs with a machine. A man can wash 2000 to 4000, 5000 eggs in a day with great difficulty and this machine can do the same within 1 hour. The second thing is that this machine can cost you Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. If you pay a person’s salary of Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 per month, this machine will expense you Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 per month. There is no need to do any work and it greatly increases the speed and speed of your work at the same time, you can save your production cost by using it and get good results in the market. You can send your goods at a good price and at the same time you can take your production level to a very high level. then With this machine, you can easily increase your production level up to 6 times or 10 times. Now it depends on you as to what capacity machine you would like to buy.

(FAQs) of Automatic Egg Washing Machine

  • The Automatic Egg Washing Machine is designed to clean eggs efficiently, removing chicken poop and contaminants. It utilizes a conveyor system and Teflon wires with antibacterial technology to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Eggs are placed on a conveyor that moves them into water, where Teflon wires gently clean them. Antibacterial technology and sensors ensure the elimination of bacteria. The machine, made of stainless steel, comes in various capacities ranging from 20 to 30,000 eggs per hour.
  • The machine requires a water system and a light current system to operate. It is fully automated, speeding up the egg cleaning process.
  • Repairing the machine is straightforward. Service is provided on-site within the Indian border, and for international customers, video call support is available. Under warranty, damaged parts are replaced for free, and detailed guidance on repairs is provided.
  • Installation is easy and requires a flat surface, an electricity connection, and a water system. The machine is made for plug-and-play convenience, and operators are trained through video calls on its usage.
  • The Automatic Egg Washing Machine can significantly reduce labor costs associated with manual egg cleaning. It operates at high speeds, processing up to 30,000 eggs per hour, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution.
  • Traditional methods involving manual labor are time-consuming and less efficient. The Automatic Egg Washing Machine offers a faster, automated solution, saving both time and money.
  • The machine comes in various capacities to suit different poultry farm sizes, accommodating the needs of both small and large-scale operations.
  • The antibacterial technology and thorough cleaning process ensure improved hygiene and egg quality, meeting higher standards for market readiness.
  • Businesses should choose this machine for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to handle large volumes of eggs. It provides a hygienic and automated solution, enhancing overall productivity.
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