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Automatic Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 5 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 1000 To 5000 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V

What are Automatic Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine used for?

Automatic Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine: This is a machine that separates the eggshell and the substance inside the egg has different properties. This machine is specially made which we often see by hand. Quite some well-known firms are using them to prepare their eggs, mostly this machine is used by people or bakeries in food companies making protein powder, etc. What happens is that you put the egg in the machine after beating it or without washing it and the egg breaks and goes to one place, We have different capacities depending on the customer’s smartness or choice of capacity, such as we have 10000 ends per hour to 100000 per hour. Hour is a liquid-separating machine. The most special feature of this machine is that the work which you do with 10 people, this machine can do more work than those 10 people, more than 10 people can do it within 1 hour and this machine The price is not very high and considering the work it is done, it is very workmanship.

Repairing and Installation of Automatic Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine.

Repairing: If we talk about repairing this machine, then this machine has been made by us ourselves and if we have sent this machine to any Indian customer in India which is within the limits of India, then if it is from 100 to 200 kilometers, then we will provide our service to her by technician our in one day and will repair the machine and if it is at a distance of up to 1000 kilometers, then we will provide service it to him. It takes up to a week and if we have sent this machine outside the Indian border, then for this machine we provide its datasheet to our employee while giving the machine to the customer, in which everything about the machine is written, how the machine has been made. And in case of any problem, if the customer still does not know how to use this machine properly, then we understand it on a video call and if after that machine the machine gets damaged and there is some technical fault in it, then we provide him free spare parts from India from our place so that he can repair his machine and also we provide him the spare parts on a video call.

Installation: You will not face any kind of problem in installing this machine. It is very easy to install and operate this machine. To operate this machine, we have installed an automatic panel inside it where only on/off is done. There are speed switches attached and a speed switch is attached so that you can increase or decrease the speed also you need a flat place to run this machine. Where you have to place this machine in a flat place and after that connect the wire of this machine to the electricity and after that you will press the start button and place the end on top of it and it will automatically fry the eggs. After breaking the shells and separating the contents of the egg, you will have to put it under the machine and when it is filled with the contents, you will be given the contents as per the time. After filling the material of the egg, you will have to change it and if you face any problem in doing this, then you can ask us for help with tax support on video call.

Why Choose Us?

An example of why we should choose this machine is that we have seen in most of the big factories that they have employed dozens of workers to break the peels and separate the material. Their work is also done, the salary of an artisan is 15000 to ₹ 20000 per month and this machine can do the work of 10 people single-handedly within 1 hour and also with this machine, you can The work can be done very quickly. You will be able to save time and money by increasing your production level. And partners can send their products to the market as much as possible.

(FAQs) of Automatic Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine

  • The Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine is designed to efficiently separate eggshells and the substance inside eggs. It is commonly used by food companies, bakeries, and firms producing protein powder.
  • The machine requires a flat surface, an electricity connection, and a water system. It features an automatic panel for easy operation, including on/off and speed switches.
  • Installation is easy and involves placing the machine on a flat surface, connecting it to electricity, and starting it using the on/off and speed switches. Video call support is provided for any assistance needed.
  • The Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine significantly reduces labor costs associated with manual eggshell and liquid separation. It operates at high speeds, processing up to 100,000 eggs per hour, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution.
  • The machine ensures efficient and hygienic separation, maintaining high product quality. It eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Traditional methods involving manual labor are time-consuming and less efficient. The Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine offers a faster, automated solution, saving both time and money.
  • The machine comes in various capacities to suit different production needs, accommodating the preferences and smart choices of users.
  • Businesses should choose this machine for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to handle large volumes of eggs. It provides a hygienic and automated solution, enhancing overall productivity and saving both time and money.
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