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Bulk Milk Chiller

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 2 KW
Capacity 100 LITER To 10000 LITER PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V / 220 V
Brand Sri Brothers Enterprises
Panel Automatic

Capable Bulk Milk Chillers for Optimal Dairy Cooling Solutions.

Bulk Milk Chiller is a machine that cools the milk. In this the milk is cooled so that the milk has a long life. As you have often seen, people keep the milk after heating it or raw milk. Milk is kept and it spoils within a day but in this machine the milk is kept for four to five days. And the milk does not get spoiled even after that, that is why we call it chiller and it comes in different capacities like 1000 liter, 500 liter, 300 liter, 200 liter, 10000 liter, 1000 liter and up to 1 lakh liter and this machine It is mostly used at milk collection points at large delays and collections. Most of the farmers use it. See More Other Product

What material do we use of completely Bulk milk chiller?

Product Material and Information To make this machine bulk milk chiller, we have used fully stainless steel 304 grade because it is the steel used in food and beverage purposes and also we have used a dimple plate in the lower part inside it. As you might have seen, there is often a separate part of the freezer inside it, which is made of aluminum steel in which ice is frozen. We placed a dimple plate of the same type at its bottom. And at the top we have installed a motor in it which rotates the milk inside and we have made it one outdoor which is 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 2.5 ton and one of different load according to different capacities. outdoor calling sounds outdoor Which releases gas inside the dimple plate and cools the milk and after cooling the milk, a motor is installed to mix it. The load of this machine and the size of this machine are of different types, it is vertical and horizontal. comes in two shops.

What are the benefits of Bulk milk chiller?

The benefit of this machine is that you use this machine to keep the milk cold for a long time and to avoid spoilage. Also, you can make it your collection point like you can collect the milk after 10 minutes if it turns sour. You can keep it cold by keeping it in one place and on the second day or third day or fourth day you can send it with great delay or in big forms. So that you can earn your good money because most of the people use bulb mill chiller at the milk collection point and its biggest benefit is that it increases the life of milk and keeps the milk safe and it is very It is made in a hygienic manner, the milk inside it remains absolutely clean and hygienic.

How to repair and install a completely Bulk milk chiller in a simple use.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this machine. If you look at the repairing of this machine, then the first thing we have done is that each part of this machine has a separate wire and its different buttons have been given, if any part is not working. If it does, then first check the wiring and buttons, even after that if the machine does not work for you So you call us, if your distance is 100 to 200 kilometers then we will send it to you within 1 to 2 days and if your distance is 1000 to 2000 kilometers then we will send it to you within 7 to 8 days and If you are from any other country, that is, our foreign customer, then we will support you on video call to repair this machine and will also repair the machine and if any of your parts are damaged. And if the machine is in warranty period, then we will send you the machine parts for free during the warranty period and will also tell you how to fix the layer on video call. And by the way, often we give a data sheet with the machine in which the machine is manufactured. There is complete data about the design and mechanism of the machine, by looking at it you can fix the machine.

Installation: Installation of this machine is very easy. To install this machine, first of all you have to find a right place which is absolutely straight and flat so that the machine stands in balance and after that place the machine in your outdoor area. The outdoors is also connected with this machine and if you want to get scared of the outdoors then you will have to find an open place where the hot air of the outdoors can come out and after that you will have to connect the wires of this machine to the electrical board. You will have to connect it to electricity or electric current and after that, the on button is given in the panel, you will have to turn it on and set the temperature and after that you will run this machine and when the milk cools down as per the temperature of the machine.

Why Choose Us?

Suck This Mission Up Why Choose This Machine Let us tell you that often we have seen people using various methods to cool the milk like deep freezer or by keeping ice inside the container or in the vessel below. Bulk Milk Chiller by putting ice at the bottom, due to which its cost becomes very expensive. With this machine, you can save the cost and also the work which you do in 10 days or three days can be done within a day with this machine. Can And the biggest thing is that you will need only one person to run this machine, apart from this you will not need much man, you can also save your money and can do the work in maximum quantity and very quickly.


  • A bulk milk chiller is a specialized refrigeration unit designed for cooling and preserving large quantities of milk. Its primary purpose is to rapidly reduce the temperature of milk to inhibit bacterial growth and maintain its freshness. This is crucial in the dairy industry, where milk is collected from multiple farms or sources and needs to be stored before further processing.

  • A bulk milk chiller is specifically designed for cooling and preserving raw milk. While it may be possible to use it for certain dairy products with similar temperature requirements, such as cream or certain cheeses, its design and functionality may not be optimal for processing a wide range of dairy products.

Milk can be stored in a bulk milk chiller for an extended period without compromising quality, typically up to 72 hours. Chilling helps slow bacterial growth and maintain freshness. However, storage time can vary based on factors like initial milk quality, temperature control, and hygiene practices. Regular monitoring ensures optimal storage conditions.

  • Important features include a robust refrigeration system, efficient insulation, temperature controls, easy maintenance, and a capacity suitable for your dairy operation.
  • The capacity needed depends on the daily milk production. Consider factors such as the number of milking cows and the quantity of milk produced per cow to determine the appropriate size of the Bulk Milk Chiller.
  • Modern Bulk Milk Chillers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, utilizing advanced cooling technologies and insulation to minimize energy consumption. Look for chillers with high energy efficiency ratings.
  • Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options to meet the specific needs of dairy farms. You can discuss your requirements with the manufacturer to tailor the chiller to your farm's specifications.

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines, which may include cleaning the system, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting components for wear and tear.

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