Road Milk Vending Machine

Product Description
Road Milk Vending Machine is available in 200, 300, and 500 Ltrs capacity consist of – SS inner and outer Shell Tanker with bottom attachment suitable for vehicle
With Top SS main hole
With CIP  (clean-in-place) valve for cleaning
Single delivery electronic push button panel for automatic dispensing

Dispensing Option –

  1. Push Button Dispensing
  2. Currency acceptor

Types of milk vending machines.

  1. Road milk vending machines
  2. Rikshaw Mounted Vending Machine
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Product Description

Road Milk Vending Machine for Loose Milk Marketing


We are a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of  Automatic Road Milk Vending Machine. Combining storage, refrigeration, and dispensing in accurate quantities, our milk vending machines are compact and can be placed at various outlets for selling loose milk. These vending machines are available in storage capacities of 100, 200, 300 and 500 liters. Customer can customize according to their requirement

We have highly professional and skilled engineers. We have enough quality engineers to inspect the material at every stage. Our Research and development department is dedicated to delivering the most creative and cost-efficient products and equipment.

Dispensing Options

These are Automatic Road Milk Vending Machine which is programmed to dispense milk with various options: you can buy a machine with different option as per your requirements.

1. Push Dispensing

2. Currency acceptor

Milk Vending Machine is available in 2 designs.

  1. Road milk vending machines are mobile and can be placed in vehicles such as E- rickshaws, Tata Ace, or any other smaller and big vehicles, depending upon the capacity and size of the milk vending machine you want, which are available from 100 ltr to 500 ltrs & customer can increase the size of this milk vending machine as per his need, with the help of milk vending machine you can move the milk from one location to another location very easily. The customer can use an RFID Smart card and the dairy owner can get advance payment for the same and the customer can dispense the milk through a prepayment smart card. The customer has a free choice to dispense the milk of their desired quantity and the same amount can be deducted from their RFID Card the owner is free from expenses such as advertisements, marketing costs or to pay royalties, and the milk is sold on 100% advance payment and there is no risk of credit sales.

  1. Stationary milk vending machines are available in sizes from 100 ltr to 500 liters in single, double, and triple dispensing. They are compact and fully equipped to sell loose milk. Stationary milk vending machine is a kind of show window and attracts consumers for purchasing fresh milk in an environment-friendly manner. These vending machines are very easy to manage you would need these machines to be installed properly and you can monitor the progress by the dispensing report or you can have the option of internet-based milk vending machines. These machines give instant services to consumers

Advantages of Road Milk Vending Machine to the Consumer

  • The customer gets milk in the most hygienic and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Consumers appreciate the milk through the milk vending machines because there is no plastic used hence environmentally friendly.
  • The consumer will always get chilled and fresh milk due to laser welded dimple plate technology.
  • The machine is designed hygienically so that bacterial count does not grow in the milk vending machine and the consumer always gets fresh milk every time they dispense the milk from the vending machine.
  • The vending machine gives various choices for dispensing even if someone does not have a smart card it can be dispensed manually by the operator so that each and every customer gets the milk.
  • Customer is ensured that through Milk Vending Machine there will be no preservatives and additives in the milk.
  • Consumers can operate it very easily and it can dispense as per customer choice, in liters or in value.
  • There is no queue as milk can be available at all times.
  • The machine can be used for dispensing 24 hrs a day and there are no off days that is why it is called ATM (All Time Milk).
  • Consumers will get milk at their homes through the Road Milk Vending machine.
  • The customer is happy because there is
    no human touch involved in delivering the milk.

Advantages of Road Milk Vending Machine to the Dairy Owner

  • Milk Vending becomes a complete shop in minimal space.
  • The owner does not depend upon the salesperson for delivering the milk.
  • It has a low operational cost.
  • It can give you several reports on delivery of milk as notification such as quantity delivered, milk in the tank, no of strokes, etc. by milk vending machine.
  • It has automatic control to maintain the temperature of milk at 4 deg C.
  • If the sales are high then you can refill the vending machine twice, thrice, or four times a day and if the sales are low you can refill it once a day or once in two days. So you can control the dispensing as per the demands of the market.
  • These machines are easily movable if at one shop you can not sell a desired quantity of milk you can immediately transfer the machine to another location to have better sales.
  • Through milk vending machines you can reduce your product prices by eliminating middlemen.
  • The construction of the Milk Vending Machine is of Stainless Steel-304 hence food grade and maintaining the high quality of milk.
  • The machine is practically noiseless and does not require quick servicing.
  • All the spare parts of the milk vending machine are replaceable and can be replaced at the site by any operator.