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Cookie Dropper

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 2 KW
Panel Automatic With Touch
Capacity 100 To 500 Kg Per HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V
Size 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Nozzle
Motor CNC Based

What are Cookie Dropper used for?

Cookie Dropper Machine: This is a machine used in bakeries. Various shapes are made from it. You must have seen that many types of cookies are available in the market like flower shapes, circle shapes, square shapes, and round shapes. You can make all types of cookies because of this. This machine can make 50 to 100 kg of cookies per hour. This machine is fully automatic and its panel is touch. This machine comes in different sizes. The first size is 4 nozzle 6 nozzle 7 nozzle 8 nozzle. There is a conveyor belt provided inside this machine on which when you start this machine and choose the design of your choice, the automatically moves forward.

Repairing and Installation of Cookie Dropper.

Repairing: Repairing this machine is very easy and simple but the parts we have installed inside this machine are fully automatic and some parts are computerized such as the panel and software of this machine are computerized when we give you this machine. So along with that we also give you a software CD and if this machine ever gets damaged in future then if you are inside India and around us there is a 100 If it is at a distance of 150 kilometers or 200 kilometers, then within 1 to 2 days our Banda will come and give you service and the machine will be repaired and if you are at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometers and live in India, then you will have to pay within 4 to 4 days. Service will be available in five days and if you are from any other country other than India, then we have to send you some spare parts along with the machine while sending the machine and also send the datasheet for making the machine. So that if any fault ever occurs then you can correct this machine and even after that if you are not able to correct it then we provide you with our technical video call tax support. After that if any such part of this machine is not available to you and the machine is within your 1 year warranty period, then we also send you free spare parts so that you can repair your machine.

Installation of the machine Installation of the machine is very easy, to install this machine you need a flat place and we have placed four bills under this machine so that you can take this machine from one place to another. After that, you have to connect the wire of this machine to the electricity. After that, if you go to the panel, there will be an option of on and off. After turning it on, choose the design of your choice. You will be tightened in the fees and after choosing, you will keep the track on its conveyor and it will break the biscuits inside the track and fall and the shape of the biscuits will come, after that by removing a trick, you will use this machine by inserting another budget battery. Anita, even after that, if you face any problem in using the machine, then you will make a video call to us, we will explain to you on a video call, how to install it, and how to operate the machine.

Why Choose Us?

we have seen in many factories that people work making biscuits and to make biscuits, they have hired 10-20 artisans to do the work of Cookie, the salary is Rs 15,000 to 20,000 per month and The artisans work at their own pace and very slowly, even after pressing the biscuits with a cloth or something similar, the material comes out. So the biscuits come crooked or wrong somewhere, this machine comes and gives them correct and does the work. The running cost for the whole month is Rs 5000 to 6000. With this machine, you can increase your production level and sell your goods to the market at good prices. Friend, you can reduce the expenses incurred in your production. You can also save your mother power, you can also use this machine, even an ordinary person can run this machine. To run this machine, you need to understand it only once and only once, after that, you need someone to run it. It is not possible that even a normal person will be able to operate this machine well.

(FAQs) of Cookie Dropper

  • The Cookie Dropper Machine is designed for bakeries to produce various shapes of cookies, including flowers, circles, squares, and rounds. It operates fully automatically, with a touch panel and different nozzle sizes for varied designs.
  • The machine can produce 50 to 100 kg of cookies per hour, making it efficient for high-volume bakery operations.
  • The Cookie Dropping Machine is equipped with a fully automatic CNC base motor, and it features a conveyor belt system for seamless cookie production. The touch panel allows easy operation and design selection.
  • When the machine is in operation, the chosen design is automatically executed, and the cookies are dropped onto a tray. The filled tray can then be placed in an oven for baking.
  • Installing the machine is easy. A flat place is required, and the machine is equipped with wheels for mobility. Connect the machine to electricity, turn it on, choose the design, and the machine is ready to produce cookies.
  • The Cookie Dropping Machine offers significant advantages over manual cookie production. It replaces the need for multiple artisans, saving on labor costs and improving efficiency. The machine ensures accurate and consistent cookie shapes, enhancing the overall quality of the products.
  • With the machine's ability to do the work of multiple artisans, businesses can reduce labor costs significantly. The running cost of the machine is comparatively low, making it a cost-effective solution for high-volume cookie production.
  • Yes, the machine is designed for ease of use. Once the operation is understood, even an ordinary person can efficiently run the Cookie Dropping Machine. Video call support is available for assistance.
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