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Doodh Peda Making Machine

Material Stainless Steel 304 Grade
Capacity 300 Kg
Motor 1.5 HP With Gearbox Double With Gear Box
Conveyor Bet SS 304 Grade
Installations Plug & Play
Volt 220 V or 110 V

What are Doodh Peda Making Machine used for?

This is the Doodh Peda Making Machine by which we make milk pedas. Often you must have seen those pedas already visible in sweet shops. They are made through milk. We first thicken the milk and give it a different shape like khoya. Or we mix some ingredients in it and thicken it and after that we give that milk to different people and shape the ingredients in different shapes, some are round, some are square, and some are long. The pain machine does the same work, after preparing the material, when you put it on the plate, there is one and a half roller inside it, in which the shapes are printed – round, long, square. It depends on your choice, how you want it. Size of machines like to sell at their shop and when the capacity of this machine is 5-6 thousand PCS per hour and the capacity of the big machine is 30-35 thousand PCS per hour, the system is installed inside this machine. And there is no motor attached and also the life of this machine is 15-20 years. With this machine you can prepare 100-200 kg within an hour and in the big machine you can prepare 15-20 thousand PCS per hour. The work that artisans can do in three days, this machine will do in one day. You can increase your production four times and save the cost of your manpower. With this machine, you can invest once. Later, by stopping paying monthly dues to artisans, you can save your income and also reduce the cost of your production.

Repairing and Installations of Doodh Peda Making Machine.

Repairing and Installation This machine can be installed very easily and even more so, it can be operated easily. You will need only one person to operate this peda machine and to install this machine you will need: Nothing to do is to set this machine on a flat place and connect its wire to electricity and after that it means on and off switches are given in the panel.So you have to turn on the switch and put the stuff in the door of the machine, after that this machine will start its production level and will start doing your work and also the thing is that if you do the repairing then the repairing of this machine will be done. It is very easy, we have not used any hard technology inside this machine, we have made it in a very easy and simple way, if this machine is under India then you can remove it and replace it with someone.If you have ordered this machine from a foreign country, then we will provide service of this machine through online video call on tax report and always when we sell the machine to any of our foreign customers, we give him the spare parts of this machine along with it and he also has no If there is any item which is damaged and those parts are not available with us then under warranty we will send those parts to him for free and provide technical support to repair this machine on video call.Will get it done and the life of this machine is twenty years we have seen that in 3-4 years we have never found any defect inside this machine, only overhauling and dressing of this machine has to be done from time to time.

Why Choose Us?

We give you a simple reason for choosing this machine. You can take your production level up a lot with this machine, like if you make goods worth 5000 kg a day, you can make 5 thousand a day through this machine. You can make goods costing up to a kilo and also you use 4-5 artisans to do the work. Through this machine, you can get the entire work done with one worker and you can save yourYou can save the salaries to be paid to manpower and can also save the area cost of your production. The biggest advantage of buying this machine is that you can get great benefits in both your production and money. We have always installed this machine in the biggest factories and people have enjoyed it very much and have benefited from it. Most of the people use this machine. hardly earns 3-4 thousand rupees whereas you pay 15-20000 rupees to the artisan for this work.

(FAQs) - Doodh Peda Making Machine

  • Doodh Peda Making Machine is used to produce milk pedas, commonly seen in sweet shops. The machine shapes milk-based materials into various forms, such as round, square, or long pedas.
  • The machine comes with rollers that can produce pedas in round, long, or square shapes. The size and choice of shapes depend on the preferences and requirements of the user.
  • The machine has a production capacity of 5-6 thousand PCS per hour for standard machines and 30-35 thousand PCS per hour for larger machines. It allows for efficient and high-volume peda production.
  • The machine has a lifespan of 15-20 years. While regular overhauling and dressing may be needed, technical faults are rare. The machine is designed for durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Installation is straightforward. Place the machine on a flat surface, connect its wire to electricity, and use the on/off switches on the panel. Only one person is needed to operate the machine.
  • Repairing is easy and can be done without advanced technical knowledge. Spare parts are provided, and if ordered from a foreign country, online video call support is available. Under warranty, damaged parts are replaced free of charge.
  • Using this machine can significantly increase production levels, allowing for the production of large quantities in a short time. It reduces the need for multiple artisans, saving on labor costs and production space.
  • The machine enables the production of goods quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for multiple artisans. This results in substantial savings in labor costs, making it a cost-effective investment.
  • Yes, international customers receive online video call support and spare parts along with the machine. Under warranty, damaged parts are replaced for free, ensuring continuous operation.
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