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Mawa Making Machine

Stainless Steel 304 Food Grade
Motor 1hp Crompton
Capacity 120 litre, 150 liter, 170 litre, 200 liter, 250 litre
Volt 220 V & 110 V
Loads Electricity Three or Single Phase
Fule LPG GAS, Natural GAS & Diesel

What are Mawa Making Machine used for?

A product used in dairy and in firms that make chocolate and sweets is the mawa making machine. In addition, pharmaceutical businesses employ this substance, initially in the dairy industry. It is suitable for boiling, heating, and flavor-enhancing milk, as well as for preparing mawa and extracting ghee from milk. The diary also makes use of a wide range of other technologies. Furthermore, it’s used for roasting gram flour and producing mawa and barfi in the sweet factory and shop. Factories that produce ice cream also employ this machine.

It has a variety of purposes and is added to ice cream to enhance flavor and dry fruits. Additionally, the only purpose of this machine in pharmaceutical plants is to make banana syrup. To cook the remaining liquid form, heating is also necessary.

The machine’s capacity ranges from one liter to two hundred and fifty liters. Gas and current power this machine. This machine may be operated by just one person. You can save personnel by using this machine as well. This single machine is capable of performing the job of four humans over a day.

Two days are needed to produce 500 liters. 500 kg of mawa may be prepared by this machine in a single day and delivered to you. This machine has relatively little operating costs. An hour’s worth of gas uses three units of light, weighing 2.5 kg. This machine will cost to run each hour if the cost of gas and electricity are combined.

It ranges from Rs 2 to Rs 150. If you find that a task you complete in four days, this machine completes it in one or two days, saving you a great deal of time. Additionally, if you want to operate at a high production level, this machine is highly efficient for you. In that regard, ITS is also helpful. You invest the greatest money in hiring labor. monthly income of $15,000–20,000. She is going to see an artisan to aid you. The machine is used to roast gram flour, boil milk, froth milk, heat milk, make ghee, make sera, forget about barfi, and make mawa and rabri. B and A. Among the numerous things this gadget can do is flavor milk. Cooking and churning Rabri and Chena, thickening milk, combining, and adding as much dry fruit as possible to it.

This machine can also be used to knead it again, prepare six workers, the rest other workers, and perform numerous other tasks.

Repairing and Installations of Mawa Making Machine.

It is very simple to install and repair this machine, and it is also very simple for you to use. To begin with, you will need a level surface to place the machine on. Next, make sure the machine’s cable is connected to the electrical source. Fuel the tank with fuel to start the heating system if it runs on wood gas or diesel. If the system is gas-powered, the gas balls are fed to the cylinder from the pipe; if it is diesel-powered, start the system. The machine will begin to rotate once you connect it, and if it has a wood-burning system, you should add wood to the furnace, turn on the heating system, and press the button to start the mortar. Nothing has to be mixed because it is mounted within the bike. You should remember that even if you lose the mawa, you may still quickly shift the machine to a new location. If you have to do this, you will naturally miss this opportunity.

Why Choose Us?

Mawa Machine, which will enable you to increase output in your firm and make items that would otherwise cost Rs 100 per kilogram for just Rs 80. This will boost your profit margin and save you time. You can save labor costs by using this machine. We are the new factories of multilateralism.

During my visit, I observed that labor-related issues frequently cause the owners to experience difficulties with their operations. It takes just one person to operate this equipment. With this equipment, for instance, you might utilize it to accomplish the same task as five kilograms of mawa, ghee, or syrup in four days.

You may complete the task in a single day with this. This machine can only replace your labor and increase productivity four times for a daily cost of 45 hundred rupees, allowing you to sell your business. can effectively disseminate it and compete for the award additionally

Details regarding our device’s specifications: First, we use stainless steel 304 grade, a specific kind of steel used for cooking, to build the machine. Next, we install the motor inside of it. We utilize it, and the motor’s power is one. It is all copper. P is absent, and this machine is constructed with the proper proportions of shaft and belt. Within, we have a 25 mm (one inch) thick heating plate, which is positioned beneath two Bernal Diesel gas burners. Burners for gas or diesel are placed by customer requests. Additionally, this device has

We have built one of these nodal tech models, which are available in several capacities: 120 liters, 150 liters, 175 liters, 200 liters, and 250 liters. Gate balls are used to turn the gas on and off.

(FAQs) - Mawa Making Machine

  • The Mawa  Machine is a versatile device used in dairy, chocolate, sweet factories, and pharmaceutical businesses. It is employed for boiling, heating, flavor-enhancing milk, preparing mawa, extracting ghee, roasting gram flour, and producing various sweets.
  • The machine's capacity ranges from one liter to two hundred and fifty liters, making it suitable for various production scales.
  • The Mawa Making Machine is highly efficient, capable of performing the work of four humans in a day. It can produce 500 kg of mawa in a single day, making it a time-saving and cost-effective solution.
  • Installation and repair are simple processes. The machine requires a flat surface, connection to an electrical source, and fueling for the heating system. Repair involves basic steps, and the machine is designed for easy relocation if needed.
  • Yes, the machine has multiple functions, including roasting gram flour, boiling milk, frothing milk, making ghee, producing sera, barfi, mawa, and rabri. It can also be used for kneading, preparing, and performing various other tasks.
  • The machine is built with stainless steel 304 grade, featuring a powerful copper motor. It has a 25 mm thick heating plate, positioned under two Bernal Diesel gas burners. It comes in various capacities to suit different production needs.
  • The machine replaces labor, increases productivity, and allows businesses to complete tasks in a fraction of the time, leading to cost savings. It enhances competitiveness in the market and contributes to business growth.
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