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Khoya Making Machine

Stainless Steel 304 Food Grade
Motor 1hp Crompton
Capacity 120 litre, 150 liter, 170 litre, 200 liter, 250 litre
Volt 220 V & 110 V
Loads Electricity Three or Single Phase
Fule LPG GAS, Natural GAS & Diesel
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What we used Khoya Making Machine.

Our product Khoya-making machine is a product that is used inside dairy and is also used in sweet-making and chocolate-making factories. Apart from this, this product is also used in pharma companies, first of all inside dairy. It can be used for boiling milk as well as heating milk, heating milk and maxing the milk by adding flavour, making khoya from milk, and extracting ghee from milk. Apart from this, many other technologies are used in the diary. Secondly, in the sweet shop, in the sweet factory, it is used for making khoya, barfi, and roasting gram flour. This machine is also used in ice cream-making factories.
It is used to add dry fruits and flavor to the ice cream and it has many applications and uses. Also, this machine is used in pharmaceutical factories only for making banana syrup. Heating is also required to cook the remaining liquid form.
The capacity of the machine is of different types, it starts from one litre to 250 litres. This machine runs on gas and current. Only one operator is required to run this machine. With this machine, you can also save your manpower. The work that can be done by four people, this one machine can do in a whole day, like four people.
People make 500 litres in two days. This machine prepares 500 kg of khoya in a whole day and gives it to you. The cost of running this machine is very low. Gas is 2.5 kg and three units of light are spent within an hour. If we calculate the cost of gas and electricity together, it will cost per hour to run this machine.
It comes from Rs 2 to Rs 150 and also if you see that the work which you do in four days, this machine does that work for you within one or two days which is the biggest saving of your time and also if you want to work in high production then this machine is very effective for you. ITS helps you in that also. You spend the most expensive money on manpower. 15-000-20 thousand per month. She will help you by seeing an artisan. The machine is used for making khoya, Rabri, ghee, making sera, forgetting your barfi, roasting gram flour, boiling milk, frothing milk, heating milk, and cooking ghee. A and B. This machine has many functions like adding flavour to the milk. Mixing, maxing dry fruits in milk, making ice cream and thickening milk, cooking and churning Rabri and Chena, cooking it inside.

BANANA JAM, Knead it again, PREPARE SIX WORKERS, REST OTHER WORKERS and many other works can be done by this machine.

Repairing and Installations of Khoya-Making Machine.

Repairing and installation of this machine is very easy there and using this machine is very easy for you, first of all, you need a flat surface where you have to keep this machine after that connect the wire of this machine to the electricity and then to the machine. If the heating system is of wood gas or diesel, then start it by putting diesel in the tank. If it is a diesel system, then start it and if it is a gas system, then the gas balls are supplied from the pipe to the cylinder. Connect and if there is a wood burning system then fill the wood in the furnace start its heating system and start the mortar by pressing the button, after that, the machine will start rotating. It is mounted on the bike inside it, you do not have anything to mix. If you have to do this, you will automatically miss this moment and you should keep in mind that when you lose the mawa, you can easily move the machine from one place to another. We also call this machine a ‘Plug and Play’ for installation.

Why Choose Us?

machine, you can increase the production of your factory with this machine, and the thing that you prepare at Rs 100 per kg, can be made at Rs 80 per kg, this will increase your profit and also save you time. This machine will also save you manpower. We are new multilateral factories.
I have visited and seen that often the owners there face problems in their production due to their labor. Only one person is enough to run this machine. For example, the work you can do in four days with this machine is as if you 5 kg of khoya or ghee or syrup in 4 days but you can use this machine.
Through this, you can do that work in a day. It costs you only 45 hundred rupees to run this machine for the whole day and it only replaces your manpower and increases the production four times, so that you can market your business. Can spread it well and can compete in the prize also.
Information about our machine and its specifications: To make the machine, first of all we use steel which is a special type of steel, stainless steel 304 grade which is used for cooking, after that we put the motor inside it. We use it which is fully copper and the power of the motor is one There is no P and at the same time this machine is made with the balance of shaft and belt and inside this machine, we put the heating plate which is twenty-five mm i.e. one inch thick, below which two gas burners of Bernal Diesel are placed. Gas or diesel burners are installed as per the customer’s demand. Also, this machine is equipped with.
It comes in different capacities like one hundred and twenty-liter volume, 150 liters, one 175 litre, 200 litres, and 250 litres, these two are nodal tech model that remains only stand ball, inside this machine we have made on off. Gate balls are installed to switch on and off the gas.


  • The Khoya-making machine is a versatile device used in dairy, sweet-making, chocolate-making, and pharmaceutical industries. Its applications include boiling and heating milk, flavoring, making khoya, extracting ghee, and various other processes.
  • The machine has a diverse range of capacities, from one to 250 litres.
  • It operates on both gas and electricity.
  • Only one operator is required for efficient functioning.
  • It can significantly reduce manpower requirements and increase production.
  • In dairy, it aids in boiling, heating, and flavoring milk, as well as making khoya and extracting ghee.
  • In sweet-making factories, it's used for preparing khoya, barfi, and roasting gram flour.
  • Ice cream-making industries use it to add flavor and dry fruits to ice cream.
  • Pharmaceutical factories utilize it for making banana syrup.
  • The machine can produce up to 500 kg of khoya in a single day, significantly enhancing productivity compared to traditional methods.
  • Installation is straightforward, requiring a flat surface, electricity connection, and, if applicable, fuel for heating. Repair and maintenance are simple, ensuring ease of use for operators.
  • The machine is made of 304-grade stainless steel, which is appropriate for cooking. It has a one-inch-thick heating plate and a copper motor. For effective functioning, the design balances the shaft and belt.
  • The machine's high production capacity allows tasks that typically take several days to be completed in a single day, significantly saving time for businesses.

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