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Thermic Kadai For khoya Making Machine

Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 50 liter, 100 liter, 200 liter
Type Automatic or Manual

What we used Thermic Kadai For khoya Making Machine.

Thermic Kadai For khoya Making Machine: Thermic kadhai is the kadhai which is run by connecting it to the steam steam boiler and the thermic oil boiler. Thermic kadhai is used mostly in big food industries. Many types of food items are prepared inside this kadhai like milk and ghee. Making butter, making gravy, making sweets, boiling potatoes, making mayonnaise, making tomato sauce, making syrup, making sugar syrup, and many other things that are in the form of water or liquid. Cook some pulses in it. This is a pan that runs through a steam boiler. You have to install a thermal boiler in it. It heats the oil inside the boiler and that oil runs inside the pan, through which the pan gets heated. And it helps you in cooking. It consumes 50% of the cost compared to gas. It is used in big industries. Its material is stainless steel.

Repairing and Installations of Thermic Kadai For khoya Making Machine.

It is a simple kadhai, it does not require any repairing and its installation becomes very easy. You will find a pipe below the kadhai. You have to connect the pipe of its lye with steam force and keep it in a flat place. You will not face any problems in driving this battle, it runs very easily and if you buy an automatic then go for the engaged, if you start men after putting mine, then she will automatically keep missing the material read inside.

Why Choose Us

There are simple reasons for your boss to choose this machine. If you want to increase the speed of your work and spend less on it, want to reduce the labor cost, then you can choose any one if it suits you. If you use gas, it will be very less and there will be a significant saving in your material cost and the production level will increase.

FAQs for Thermic Kadai for Khoya Making Machine

  • A thermic kadai is a cooking pan that is connected to both a steam boiler and a thermic oil boiler. It is commonly used in large food industries for preparing various food items. The pan is heated by circulating thermic oil from the boiler, which is an efficient and cost-effective method compared to using gas. It is primarily made of stainless steel.
  • A thermic kadai can be used to prepare a wide range of food items, including but not limited to milk and ghee, making butter, gravies, sweets, boiling potatoes, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, syrups, sugar syrup, and cooking pulses.
  • With a thermic kadai, installation is simple. You may now proceed by connecting the pipe beneath the kadai to the steam source and making sure it is on a level surface. The straightforward design of this kadai usually means that it doesn't need much maintenance.
  • The machine will automatically turn on the motor if you choose the automatic version. Without human assistance, the kadai will begin cooking as soon as the material is placed inside. This feature makes sure that cooking is done quickly and easily.
  • For best results, it is advised to use the right thermic oil in the boiler. Refer to the instructions or specs provided by the manufacturer to find out what kind of oil is suggested.
  • Using a thermic kadai can result in significant cost savings, approximately 50% compared to gas. This includes reduced labor costs and savings in material costs, making it a cost-effective solution for food production.

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