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Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer

Material SS 304 Grade
Load 2 KW
Panel Automatic
Capacity 100 To 200 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V

Master the art of mixing with Our Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer Machine.

Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer There is a rotates and when it rotates, it mixes the cake or whatever ingredients you mix in it well and after mixing, you can make it into whatever you want. If you want to mix Cake product mix, the thing about Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer is that it comes with a high-speed mixer and it is in a big capacity machine like you get 300, 400 litres, or 200 litres, 150 litres. The cream has to be mixed inside the machine till the height of the cream is very big, in this condition, two traps are installed so that your material gets mixed completely and well, we call it Dual Double Speed ​​Double Disc Planetary It is called a mixer and the speciality of this planetary mixer is that it mixes the cream very well even in large quantities so that you can make your food very tasty like a biscuit, pesty and other things. And to run this machine you do not need much voltage, you can run it on 110 voltage and 220 voltage. This machine comes in two voltages, so if you are a foreign customer, the voltage of your country is 110, then we will supply you with 110 voltages. And if you are an Indian customer, the voltage in front of you is 220, then we will give you a 220-voltage machine. Also, let us tell you that this machine can be run on a single phase. If you demand three phases, then we will give you a 3 phase machine.

How to Repair Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer in Easy Way.

Repairing this machine is very easy. To repair this machine, we have placed a separate cover on its top, which you will see is tightened with bolts. After opening those boards, open this machine. And you will see the fault, if there is lack of oil and girish in it then fill it with oil and girish and if you see there is no shortage of oil and girish in it then there is no shortage of oil and girish in it. If you have any problem then call us, we will send our man within 1 to 2 days. If your distance is 100 to 200 kilometers and if you are at a distance more than that like 1000 to 2000 kilometers then 5 You will have to give us 6 days and if you are not our Indian customer, you are a foreign customer then we will tell you on video call how to repair this machine and if any PARTS is damaged. We will send those parts to you for free so that you can install the spare parts and enjoy the machine to the fullest after installation. We will help you completely through a video call on installing the parts.

How to Install Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer in Easy Way.

Installation: The installation of this Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer is very easy. To install this machine, you will need a very supported and straight place. The ground should not be high or low. If the ground is high or low, then the Whisk Planetary Mixer shakes while moving. Due to this, there are chances of  Whisk Planetary Mixer falling and breaking, hence you should look for a completely flat and straight ground for it. After placing it there, you should have a light board inside which at least 2 There should be a wire connected to it, after that you have to connect it to the electricity. After connecting, you will put your material inside it, which is then the Whisk Planetary Mixer. You will lower its net with the handle and then press the start button and mix the non-healer as per your speed and the material put inside it when the material is mixed as per your requirement. Then after that, you will switch off the machine and put it over water and take out the substance and if you want to cook it or decorate it on a cake, you can do that.

Why Choose Us?

We will introduce you to this Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer. You see that in most of the big factories and shops, people give it to even the best of their customers because of the cheap and efficient work done by their artisans and the others who are not able to increase their production. You see that even after you give a lot of effort to the artisan, he is still unable to provide fun to your work if you use this Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer. employ the artisan The price ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹20000 and this Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer If you look at monthly cost of running the machine, it ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 300, and at the same time, it works 10 times more than the artisan, your tenure mixes 100 litres of material a day and this machine earns you Rs 1000 per day. If you mix litre material then you can understand that both money and time are being saved at your place, due to which you can compete well in the market and can send more and more of your material.


  • The Whisk Planetary Mixer stands out with its high-speed mixing capability and large capacity, ranging from 150 to 400 liters. The dual double-speed double-disc planetary mixer ensures thorough mixing even in large quantities, making it ideal for creating delicious treats like biscuits and pastries.
  • Yes, the Whisk Planetary Mixer is versatile and can operate on both 110 volts and 220 volts. We provide the machine according to the voltage specifications of your country. It can also run on a single phase, and if required, a three-phase option is available.
  • Repairing the Whisk Planetary Mixer is straightforward. Simply open the top cover, tighten the bolts, and identify the issue. If there's a lack of oil or grease, fill it accordingly. In case of more complex issues, contact us, and we'll send assistance within 1 to 6 days, depending on your location.
  • Installing the Whisk Planetary Mixer is easy. Place it on a flat and straight surface to prevent shaking. Connect it to an electricity source with a minimum of 2mm wire. After adding the material, lower the net with the handle, press start, and adjust the mixing speed as needed.
  • The Whisk Planetary Mixer offers a significant cost advantage by outperforming manual labor. While artisans may cost between ₹15 to ₹20,000 monthly, the machine's monthly operational cost ranges from Rs 2 to Rs 3000. It works ten times faster than artisans, saving both time and money, enabling businesses to compete effectively in the market.
  • Yes, the Dual Whisk Planetary Mixer is versatile and can be used for both mixing and cooking. After the material is mixed, it can be used for various culinary applications, such as baking or decorating cakes.
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