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Halwa Making Machine

Material Stainless Steel 304 Grade
Capacity 100 Kg Per Hour, 50 Kg, 150 Kg, 200 Kg, 250 Kg, 300 Kg
Motor 1.5 HP With Gearbox Double Side Round
Teflon Viper
Tilting System
Volt 220 V or 110 V
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Halwa Making Machine

We use a halwa making mechanism to manufacture Irani halwa, candies, and a variety of other delicacies. You may manufacture sugar syrup and multipurpose items like Khoya Halwa Barfi with the Halwa Making Machine. The capacity of the halwa making machine varies. This machine comes in a variety of sizes, and we frequently sell it in India and other nations. Since we have been selling the equipment for three to four years, 95% of our clients have expressed satisfaction with it, according to our records. With the help of this machine, you can complete your tasks fast since it can produce halwa from semolina pudding, besan halwa, and carrot halwa. It can also be used to make barfi, such as khoya barfi and other types, or it can be used to make food sauce. This machine can also be used to make gravies that are salty or utilized for lunch, etc. You must activate this machine and turn on the gas connection after adding the chemicals. Strike the device from underneath. Additionally, whatever you are cooking heats and thickens simultaneously. This machine must be closed by removing the top cover, and then the pin that is installed must be removed. You can remove the material from this machine by tying the court balls after removing and elevating the mortar. This machine’s bowl is inserted into the tenting system. This machine has an 8 mm by 12 mm bowl. Perhaps we always make it to the specifications provided by the customer, and the price is fixed based on that information as well. This device frequently serves multiple purposes. This machine has everything you need to cook food for every night, including sweets, halwa, khoya, and gravy. It may also be used to heat and combine a variety of different foods. Our production process for machines involves placing orders, which takes 20 days to complete. If the machine is to be delivered within India, it will take 12 days, and if it is to be delivered abroad, it will take 50 days. Each machine is built to a different capacity, and the price of the machine is determined by that capacity.

Repairing and Installations Halwa Making Machine.

If there is a machine that makes halwa and there is a defect in it, and the customer is in our country and the machine has a problem, we will sell the equipment to them and offer support if needed. In the event that the individual is 100–200 kilometers away from us, the machine will be serviced in one to two days. We will need seven to eight days if the person is 500 kilometers or more away from us. Our representative will visit your home and do the task. We will fix the machine, demonstrate it operating behind the wheel of the vehicle, and then leave it with you. If, on the other hand, you ordered the machine from a foreign country, we will include some spare parts with it when we deliver it to you. In addition, we will enter the machine’s manufacturing data so that we can easily repair the machine. If, on the other hand, any part of yours is damaged and you do not have it, we will send it to you for free if it is still under warranty; if not, we will assist you in installing those parts over the phone and fix your machine. This device is made in China. Because the channel members maintain the complexity of the technology in their machines, it is far superior to the machines. The machines we use have extremely basic technology. You can operate this device. It’s really easy to run this machine. It is constructed on a steel frame, to which we have fastened a gas cylinder at the bottom and an internal wiper with a box at the top. The motor begins mixing and heating the ingredients on the BOWL when the button is pressed after adding the ingredients to the bowl.

Why Choose Us

What makes this equipment worthwhile for you to purchase?

For instance, you can be paying an artisan who can make up to 1200 kg of Halwa or other sweets in a day Rs. 70,000 per month. The machine will complete your task in thirty minutes, cost Rs 10,000 in Indian money to operate for the full month, and it will promote your product. It will double your halwa-making pace by 10. This machine can produce up to 500 or 800 kg of halwa per day for you, for instance, if you now create 100 kg of khoya halwa daily. Utilizing this machine will also lower your production costs. There will be additional savings of 20–30%, and you may simply grow your market share by raising your output to a greater level. We have seen that workers in numerous large factories Because of the speed of nails, your workers are having a lot of difficulties. In that regard, this machine will be of great assistance to you and will help you boost production so that you may sell a growing number of your products on the market.

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