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Jalebi Making Machine

Motor 500 WC CNC
Panel Touch
Volt 110 or 220
Material SS 304
Fryer Gas or Electric
Capacity 25 Kg, 50 Kg, 100 Kg Per Hour
Nozzle Single, Double or Four Nozzle

What we used Jalebi Making Machine.

There is a machine in Jalebi by which we make sweet Jalebi Making Machine. With this machine, we can make different types of designs like Imarti Jalebi and if we want to write someone’s name, then his name can also be written. This machine is fully automatic. And also this machine is made with CNC best mortar software. This machine is used in bells there. We have been making this machine for 5 years and in 5 years we have developed our No complaints have been found inside the machine. The capacity of this machine is 500 kilos per party. This machine is made in different sizes. The specifications of this machine are kept properly according to the customer’s demand. We make machines from 220 voltage to 110 voltage. The fryer of this machine is electric or gas. The capacity of the fryer is made up of 10 liter, 15 liter, and 20 liter. This machine has four nine years and there are sales and there are nine days, it depends on the customer as to how many nine years he will buy the machine. The specialty of this machine is that this machine is fully automatic and automatically washes itself. Inside this machine, if you want to wish a happy birthday to someone by writing his name, then you can also write happy birthday along with his name. This machine does the complete work of a typewriter in 1 way. This machine is made using 1 flat. The software that we built inside it.

How to Repairing and Installations of Jalebi Making Machine.

The installation of this machine is very easy and the way to operate it is even easier. To install this machine, you will have to connect the wire of this machine to the electrical board and set its fryer under its bottom. After that you have to see whether your lever is gas or electric, if it is electric then connect its wire to electricity, and if it is gas then connect its pipe. Connect it to the cylinder, after that you add the ingredients to make your jalebi, and after adding start the machine and click on its start button in the panel. I selected the drawing. After selecting the drawing, select the drawing of the jalebi, then it will make the jalebi and it will be ready. If you choose the drawing then it is made in Emirati or if this machine ever gets damaged and you buy this machine within the border of India, then we will service this machine by our man and If you buy this machine outside Indian border, we will explain to you how to fix it on video call text report and we always provide our manufacturing data head to Indian foreign customers through which they could fix the machine easily If any of its 5 gets damaged under warranty then we will provide you 5 for free for 1 year and mostly we have seen that there is no technical fault in this machine for 10 years.

Why Choose Us?

If seen, generally you have a very simple and selective reason for choosing this machine. If you hire any artisan to make Jalebi Imarti at your place then His salary will be 25 thousand rupees of an Indian artisan and if you give the difference to any artisan abroad then his salary will be 2.5 lakh rupees per month and if you buy this machine then Considering this, his salary will be Rs 2.5 lakh per month and if you buy this machine, then this machine will do the work equal to five men in a day and also the finishing will be much cleaner than that done by hand. Whatever machine you take or by whatever machine you work It will be much cleaner than other machines and if you buy any machine or work using any machine, you can save your monthly labor sources and manpower expenses, and also you can advance the bill for your production. You can take it with you so that you can get rid of the troubles you are facing in the market. This machine is the easiest way to get rid of it.

(FAQs) Automatic Jalebi Making Machine

  • The Automatic Jalebi Making Machine is designed to produce sweet Jalebi with different designs, including Imarti Jalebi. It can also write names or messages. The machine is fully automatic and utilizes CNC technology.
  • The machine has been in production for 5 years, and during this period, there have been no complaints or issues reported. It is known for its reliability and efficiency.
  • The machine has a capacity of 500 kilos per batch. It is available in different sizes, and specifications can be customized based on customer demand. Voltage options range from 220V to 110V.
  • The fryer of the machine can be either electric or gas-powered. Capacities are available in ten liters, fifteen liters, and twenty liters, providing flexibility in production.
  • The machine is fully automatic and has a self-washing feature. It simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring convenience for the operator.
  • The installation is straightforward. Connect the machine's wire to the electrical board, set up the fryer, and choose the appropriate power source (electric or gas). Add the ingredients, start the machine, select the drawing of the Jalebi, and it will be ready.
  • Choosing this machine eliminates the need for skilled artisans, saving on monthly labor expenses. The machine can match the work of multiple individuals, ensuring a cleaner finish. It offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for Jalebi production.
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