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Rasgulla Making Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Motor 1 HP & 0.5 HP godrej
Fully Automatic Control Panel 25 KG Hopper
Phase Single & Three Phase
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V & 220 V

What we used Rasgulla Making Machine.

The Rasgulla Making Machine is a confectionery apparatus that aids in shaping candies. To produce Rasgulla, simply prepare the ingredients, re-insert them into the machine, and watch as the machine shapes and removes the finished product into a circular form. There are two sorts of capacities for the Hans Gulla manufacturing machine. Two kinds of this machine exist.

The first one to scale up is this science mall, which produces 5,000–6,000 rasgullas every hour. The second one is larger and can produce 11–12 thousand rasgullas per hour; 10 people working together could complete that machine in two days. You may also produce Kesar Party Lawn Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun Peda, and Rasgulla using this machine.

This machine has a twenty-year lifespan. 304 grade stainless steel, a unique kind of material used to produce kitchenware, is what we used to make this machine. You may also adjust the rasgulla size of this machine to be small. Additionally, it costs Rs 150–200 to run this machine for an entire day. It is entirely electric, and we have included a pump and a completely automatic control panel within. This machine uses two motors, the first of which is Additionally, the hydraulic system is covered by the same catch. Half an HP powers the second motor.

It drives the belt conveyor. There are three phases and one phase available for this machine. The rasgullas are produced by this machine to perfection. This machine provides the finishing that a human cannot perform by hand. With this machine, you can complete the same amount of work in four days instead of more than one day.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to saving labor, you can also save time. The equipment was custom-built for large manufacturers and retailers, and we have donated it to major enterprises across the globe, where we first bought it. We have discovered excellent outcomes from this machine’s success in regions of America and Europe.

We sold it from the location where our machine produced excellent results. This machine has a 25-kilogram hopper that can hold 25 kilograms of roe material and be used to remove 25 kilograms of chena material. This equipment requires 500 rupees a year in maintenance. It will set you back 1000 Indian rupees.

To make it simple to move this machine from one location to another, we have added four spokes and wheels. This machine weighs 225 kg. Its dimensions are 5 feet long, 2.5 and 3 feet wide, and 5 feet high. By using this machine, you can cut your material costs. You may cut your costs on labor and actor expenses by 25% when you use this equipment to make candies. This machine produces extremely inexpensive cars. are good and swift, as we observed in numerous industries.

The slow labor market frequently troubles the locals and owners. This machine not only provides you with high-quality manufacturing, but it also finishes the class with impeccable finishing. This machine comes with a few spare parts. If this machine breaks down in the future, our service boy will visit you and fix it, or if you live in the nation, we will offer you full video call support.

Thus, this machine  is available in one or three phases. Our device has an SGS report and is CE, ISU, and European Union-certified EN MLA. We provide it to the clients. The cost of the machine varies depending on the country, and we design it as well. All other parts and systems are installed per the preferences of the client.

How to Repairing and installation of Rasgulla Making Machine.

We will offer our client support both abroad and in India through our service kid. Additionally, we offer machine manufacturing data sheets and video call tech support throughout the warranty duration. International consumers can receive free spare parts, and there is a 24×7 video connection from Saturday to Sunday. Technical support.


  • The Rasgulla Machine is a confectionery apparatus designed for shaping candies, particularly Rasgullas. To use it, prepare the ingredients, re-insert them into the machine, and observe as it shapes and removes the finished Rasgullas in a circular form.
  • There are two models available: one capable of producing 5,000–6,000 Rasgullas per hour and a larger one that can produce 11–12 thousand Rasgullas per hour. The larger machine requires 10 people working together for two days for completion.
  • The machine is made from 304-grade stainless steel, a unique material commonly used in kitchenware. This ensures a twenty-year lifespan for the machine.
  • Yes, the Rasgulla size can be adjusted to be smaller using this machine, offering flexibility in the production process.
  • The machine uses two motors, one of which is half an HP and powers the hydraulic system. The second motor drives the belt conveyor. It is available in both single-phase and three-phase options.
  • The machine not only saves labor and time but also provides consistent high-quality manufacturing. It has proven success in regions of America and Europe and is custom-built for large manufacturers and retailers.
  • Yes, the machine is designed for easy mobility with four spokes and wheels. It weighs 225 kg and has dimensions of five feet long, two and a half to three feet wide, and five feet high.
  • Yes, the machine has an SGS report and is CE, ISU, and European Union certified EN MLA, ensuring compliance with international standards.
  • International customers receive free spare parts, and there is 24x7 video connection technical support from Saturday to Sunday throughout the warranty duration.

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