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Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine

Material SS 304 Grade
Heating System Fully Electric
Capacity 100  To 200 PCS HR
Warranty 1 Year
Volt 110 V / 220 V
Panel Automatic
Load 0.25 KW

Effortless Waffle Making with the Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine.

Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine This is the machine we have seen inside the temples and mosques of India like laddu or sweet-making prasad. With this machine people often make a biscuit inside the church. This special type. It is a biscuit with the signature of Jesus on it, so we call it the Holy Jesus Machine. It is a manual machine. After putting the flour inside it, you have to press it from above. It has heating elements inside it as well as a steam heating system, due to which it does not stick. It is a non-stick system and this machine is mostly used in Africa and inside churches. Make church biscuits and sell or donate them to people.

Information related to materials for making this Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine.

The material used in the Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine is completely stainless steel and its heating plate is more than 1 inch thick and is round by 12 to 15 inches. Inside it, you can find round, square, and different types of food items. Many shaped biscuits can be made and the Jesus sign is printed on the top plate of its plates. It is available in different sizes and has an on-off button to operate an electric element inside it. A panel switch is provided through which you can adjust the settings and stop or start the machine. Also, its wire is completely made of copper. The wire of the machine is completely made of copper and A steam system is also provided inside this machine which turns the water into steam and heats it.

What are the benefits of Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machines?

The benefits of Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine are that we have seen people make biscuits and try to make them by hand due to which neither the design comes correct nor its shape is correct. With this machine, you can make the correct and clean design. And it comes in perfect shape and also you can do your work very quickly. The work which you do in hours can be done in minutes. It is very easy to operate this machine. In this, you just have to put the dough and press this machine from above and after pressing, when it is completely cooked, the machine has to rise up and pick up the biscuit and then cut it with a cutter. This is the only very easy way to run this machine. One person is enough for you and no more people will need you.

How to Repair and Install Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine in Easy Way.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair this Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine. To repair it, you just have to check its heating system whether the machine is heating properly or not. If you see that its heating system is working. If it is not working then you have to check the wiring and switch and the element and even after that if it is not working then you call us then we repair the machine. If your distance is 100 to 200 kilometers then we will send a technician to you within 1 to 2 days and will repair the machine and if your distance is 1000 to 2000 kilometers then we will repair your machine within 2 to 7 to 10 days. If you are a foreign customer, then we will send you the machine parts for free when your machine is under warranty and will tell you how to repair the machine on video call. So you can enjoy this machine.

Installation: Installation of the Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machine is very easy. You have to keep this machine on a high table whose height should be three or three and a half feet, after that you have to connect the wire of this machine to the electric wire. You have to connect it to the board and after connecting you will press the on the button of this machine and when the machine starts heating, after that you will put the material in it and press it from the top. And when you press, the layer of biscuit inside it will start dreaming and learning will start and when it becomes evenly compressed, you will lift it and pick up the biscuit and cut it with a cutter.

Why Choose Us?

Let us tell you the simplest solution and easiest way to choose this machine. You must have seen that things made by hand are neither in the right shape nor in the right design, no matter how much you try. It gets spoiled somewhere and in that, you also need the help of other people. Only one person can use this machine, only one person can run it and after that, you can use it on your own. The work can be done with finishing and cleaning and can be done very speedily, that is, the work which would be done in 2 days can be done within a day.


  • The Manual Holy Host Waffle Making Machines is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. Its heating plate is over 1 inch thick, available in round shapes of 12 to 15 inches. The machine offers versatility with different plate shapes, and the top plate features the signature of Jesus. The electrical element is controlled by an on-off button, and the machine operates with a copper wire and a steam heating system.
  • The machine ensures precision and cleanliness in biscuit design, overcoming challenges faced when attempting to make intricate designs by hand. It facilitates quick and efficient work, allowing tasks that would take hours to be completed in minutes. The machine is user-friendly, requiring only one person for operation.
  • Repairing the machine is straightforward. Users can check the heating system, wiring, and switch. In case of issues, customers in India can expect prompt service within 1 to 10 days, depending on the distance. International customers receive support via video call, and warranty-covered parts are sent for free.
  • Installation is simple. Place the machine on a table of appropriate height, connect the electric wire, and press the ON button. Once the machine heats up, add the dough, press it from the top, and lift the biscuit when evenly compressed. Cutting with a cutter completes the process.
  • The machine ensures that biscuits are made with correct designs and shapes, overcoming challenges faced in manual preparation. It offers a streamlined and hygienic process, allowing one person to efficiently handle the entire operation. The machine is a time-saving and reliable solution.
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