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Mushroom Slice Machine

Material Stainless Steel 304 Grade
Capacity 100 Kg, 200 Kg, 500 Kg & 1000 Kg
Motor 1 HP & 2 HP
Volt 220 V & 110 V
Warranty 1 Year
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What we used Mushroom Slice Machine.

A mushroom cutting machine is a mushroom slice machine and machine by which we can cut the mushroom into slices or pieces. This machine is fully automatic. This machine comes in 2 types, one which only cuts the mushroom and the other which helps in cutting the mushroom. It also washes the capacity of this machine. We always keep it according to the customer. If you ask for this machine in 100 kg then we will give you a machine of 10 kg per hour. However, this machine The maximum capacity of this machine is up to 5 thousand kg per hour and the minimum capacity is up to 100 kg per hour. This machine is made from 220 voltage to 110 voltage. The material of this machine is stainless steel. With this machine, you can make you Can increase your work status four times.

Repairing and Installations of Mushroom Slice Machine.

When it comes to repair and installation, the repair of this machine is very easy. We have made this machine with a heavy steel rod and a bull and inside it, we have given steel plates in case the edge of the machine gets damaged when the time comes. Now the edge of the lace is gone, now you can open the lace and put the brat back by applying Ashvamedha. Also, to install this machine, you need a flat place and its wire should be connected to electricity. After that, you can use the machine again in which you will add mushrooms and after slicing them, they will send them to the conveyor if you want to add a washing system along with it, then you just have to put the washer in the front. After that, they put chopped mushrooms inside the washing system take out the central conveyor, and fill it in the tub for washing. The life of this machine is 15 to 20 years.

Why did you choose this machine?

There is a simple answer to choosing this machine, whatever work you get the artisans to do in one day, this machine will do that work in one day and the salary of all the artisans will be less than that of at least one artisan in today’s times. It is forty thousand rupees and the cost of running this machine for a month is 30-40 thousand rupees. With this, you can increase your production ten times and also reduce the cost of your production by 30 times. You can reduce it up to 100% and get a good profit from the market and you will get a different finishing price for the work done with this face machine.

(FAQs) for Mushroom Slice Machine

  • The Mushroom Slice Machine is an automatic machine designed for cutting mushrooms into slices or pieces. It comes in two types: one that solely cuts mushrooms and another that also includes a washing capacity. The machine operates at varying capacities, ranging from a minimum of 100 kg per hour to a maximum of 5,000 kg per hour. It is made of stainless steel and operates at voltages ranging from 220 to 110 volts.
  • There are two varieties of the machine available: a cutting-only model and a washing-and-cutting-only model. Depending on what the customer needs, the capacity can be changed from 100 kg per hour to 5,000 kg per hour. Select the machine type and capacity that best suit your demands for production.
  • To install the machine, you need a flat surface and a power connection. Simply connect the machine to electricity, and it's ready for use. If you wish to add a washing system, place it in front of the machine. The washing system can be filled with chopped mushrooms for efficient cleaning.
  • The machine has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, providing long-term durability. The warranty period may vary, and it is recommended to check with the manufacturer for specific details.
  • Choosing this machine over manual labor offers significant advantages. The machine can accomplish in a day what would take multiple artisans, reducing labor costs and increasing production efficiency. The monthly operational cost is comparatively low, offering a substantial cost reduction in production.
  • While specifically designed for mushrooms, the machine may be adaptable for similar vegetables. However, it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with other produce.
  • Yes, training for operating the machine is typically provided upon purchase. The manufacturer or supplier can offer guidance on proper usage, maintenance, and safety protocols.

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