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Planetary Mixer For Cookies

Material SS 304 Grade
Capacity 20 To 120 Liter HR
Panel Automatic
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Load 1 KW
Motor 1 HP
Warranty 1 Year

Level Up Your Baking with the Perfect Planetary Mixer for Cookies.

Planetary Mixer is a mixer that is used in bakeries. As you have seen, the cream used to make cakes is very soft. To mix it, people use milk, cream, and eggs. All these things are added and for that, a very high-speed mixer is required which has a net inside and the water is very dispersed which helps in mixing the things well.A reversible planetary mixer can be used here. With a plant mixer, you can mix soft ingredients like making biscuits and all the other soft ingredients. It comes in different quantities, starting from 7 and 5 litres. And it goes up to 120-150 liters. It is used in every small and big goat. In today’s time, people use it mostly for making cakes, cream, and cookies. We use only a planter mixer, without this you cannot mix your cream properly and the most important thing is that it can do your work in very few minutes, the work it will do for you in 2 hours from the date of your work. This machine can do the work for you within 10 to 20 minutes. This machine is very beneficial and very traditional. In today’s time, there is a lot of demand for this machine in the market.

How To Repairing and Installation of Planetary Mixer for Cookies.

Repairing: It is very easy to repair it. Point number one: To repair it, you will have to open the boards attached to it from the top side. After opening it, you will have to check whether there is grease or oil inside it. Done, if the giris and oil are over then you have to put the giris and oil inside it, and after that, if you want to start it add gear, etc. If you see anything wrong, you can call our guy, and he will give you service within a day at a distance of 100 to 200 kilometres and if you are at a distance of 1000 to 2000 kilometres, you will get the service within five days. And if you are not an Indian customer, you are a foreign customer, we have a foreign customer who has taken the machine from us, then we will teach you how to fix this machine on video call and if any lesson is wrong, then He will send the parts to you for free and will also tell you how to set the parts on video call so that you can repair this machine and enjoy it again and keep this machine running at its best.

Installation: It is very easy to console this machine and it is even easier to use it. The biggest thing is that first, you have to find a flat white ground to place this machine on which should be absolutely straight, not high or low after connecting its wire to the electricity. After that you have to add the material inside it then after adding the material you have to press their button and inside it there are four non-three you According to this, you can set the pulse and speed and according to the maximum cream you want to mix, you will have to put the ingredients in it and after that, you will have to set the speed according to its non and when your material gets mixed in it. So you turn off the machine, take out the material and clean it.

Why Choose Us?

Your biggest advantage in buying this is that we have often seen what people do inside their factories, that is, by putting ingredients like milk, cream, sugar, etc. inside a big vessel or bucket, they mix it with their hands. They sit down to mix with a mixer and neither do they wash their hands, their hands are also dirty due to which the food remains dirty, and if they work wearing gloves on their hands, then they If you are not able to mix it properly there is always some problem in the mall, but if you apply it to the mixer then you will see that your material gets mixed equally and hundred percent well and at the same time, the person uses it very well. He does it as quickly as a man does it to his mother, 10 to 20 times within an hour.By saving your time as well as the money you pay to your artisans, you can increase your own production and send more of your goods to the market. The biggest pleasure you get in buying this is that you can save your money and time.

(FAQs) of Planetary Mixer For Cookies

A Planetary Mixer is an essential equipment used in bakeries for efficiently mixing soft ingredients like cream, milk, and eggs. It operates at high speed and has a unique planetary mixing action with a net inside, ensuring thorough and well-dispersed mixing.

Planetary Mixers come in various sizes, starting from 7 and 5 litres, going up to larger capacities like 120-150 liters. The different sizes cater to the needs of both small and large bakeries.

In today's baking industry, Planetary Mixers are predominantly used for making cakes, cream, and cookies. They are essential for achieving the right consistency and texture in baked goods.

The Planetary Mixer significantly reduces the time required for mixing compared to manual methods. While traditional methods may take hours, this machine can accomplish the same task in as little as 10 to 20 minutes, enhancing overall production efficiency.

Repairing the Planetary Mixer involves checking and replenishing grease or oil. The top boards need to be opened for inspection. In case of any issues, the company provides timely service within a specified distance. For international customers, video call support is available, along with free replacement parts during the warranty period.

Installation is straightforward. The machine should be placed on a flat, leveled surface. After connecting it to electricity, users add the material to be mixed, set the speed and pulse according to the requirements, and start the machine. After mixing, the material is easily extracted for further processing.

The Planetary Mixer ensures a uniform and thorough mix of ingredients, eliminating the inconsistencies often found in manual mixing. It provides a hygienic solution, preventing the need for manual handling and reducing the risk of contamination.

By reducing the time and effort required for mixing, the Planetary Mixer enables bakeries to save on labor costs. It enhances production efficiency, allowing businesses to produce more goods in less time, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

The Planetary Mixer has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, making it a durable and valuable investment for bakeries. Its ability to consistently produce well-mixed ingredients contributes to the long-term success of a bakery.

Using a Planetary Mixer ensures the uniform and efficient mixing of ingredients, resulting in high-quality baked goods. This contributes to customer satisfaction by delivering consistent and delicious products to the market.

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